Me Made May ’15 – comic con week?


This week has turned into my Comic Con week of sort. And I’m dedicating it to Pretty Grievance and her Wearable Wednesdays. It’s half-way through the month and I obviously needed a little bit of pick-me-up to get to the finish line. So nothing like a bit of humor to tide us over innit!

Me-Made Losing It Week 3:

11 May: Dress: Burda 2012-04-128a, Top/Jacket: self-drafted Martin Margiela SS 1997 Wannabe;
12 May: Top: modified McCall 6078c, Skirt: Burda 2012-05-113, Cardi: modified Burda BS 2011-06-139;
13 May: Dress: self-drafted Michel Klein Wannabe;
14 May: Sweater: self-drafted sew & knit;
15 May: Chemise: self-drafted, Skirt: altered vintage drindl;
16 May: Top: Burda 2010-02-112, Skirt: self-drafted petticoat;
17 May: T-Shirt: self-drafted, Skirt: self-drafted drindl;

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Me Made May ’15 – week 2


Not much sewing around here lately. I’ve been bogged down with paperwork instead. My only creative outlet has been these MMM photos. All were taken on the phone – I felt too hassled to even manage a tripod. And as motto of the month has been to “do it with conviction”, I decided to play with the weird angles that inevitably result from too short an arm or propping up the phone.

So here’s Me Made Madness week 2:

04 May: Dress: Vogue 1159 Donna Karan;
05 May: Top: Burda 2013-12-119;
06 May: Sweater: altered knitting Alexander Wang Wannabe, Skirt: self-drafted;
07 May: Top: self-drafted Vivienne Westwood-CdG Wannabe;
08 May: Cardi: self-drafted Dolce & Gabbana Wannabe, Skirt: self-drafted;
09 May: Shrug: Burda 2013-11-111, Top: Burda 2012-05-109 , Trench: McCall 5525 , Tote: self-drafted;
10 May: Sweater: Burda 2013-02-121, Skirt: self-drafted;

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Me 2 Me Made May ’15


 ‘I, Pia of, sign up – belatedly – as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I endeavour to wear at least one Me-Made each day for the duration of May 2015′

Finally, I decided to join in all the fun for a change. I normally don’t join the various exciting sew-alongs because I’m confident I could follow through. But this blog and your readership have helped motivate me tremendously in upping my productivity. I feel I’m now in a place where my not so ambitious pledge is finally possible. Here’s to many more years of conquering new sewing territories and taming that Mt. Everest of a Stash.

I’m going to try to keep up with the photo evidences, but post them only weekly to keep the noises down. And maybe have some fun experimenting with different photo approaches rather than my bog standard tripod self-timer shots. Here’s the first week of May…

01 May: T-Shirt: Self-drafted wearable muslin;
02 May: Jacket: Burda 2013-11-117, T-Shirt: Burda 2012-09-123, Skirt: Burda 2011-08-121;
03 May: T-Shirt: Self-drafted wearable muslin, Skirt: Self-drafted panel pencil skirt;

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Epic #NYlon2014 meet up

You got to hand it to gregarious Rachel of House of Pinheiro for organizing such an epic #NYlon2014 meet-up. She counted 71 attendees this year. Wow. There were colorful ladies not just from all over UK, but also honored guests from across the pond and the Continent as well. Colorful too were the Me-Mades on show (and Clio‘s famous purple wig!). Compared to the other crowd at the V&A – our meeting point – the NYlon2014 swarm definitely stood out. Passer-bys were quite bemused. I saw at least one sneaking a photo of the group as we lined up for the customary group shot in the courtyard. Sadly no crafty blokes showed up, just one lone boyfriend of a lady sewist. Maybe next year? Or do UK blokes not sew?

London weather put in a fine showing as well. Days ago it was still brrrrrr and BBC foretasted rain for the day. But in fact yesterday was all sun blazing mid 25C/70ish F. Fabulous weather, if a tad too warm for browsing air-conditionless Goldhawk Road fabric shops in the afternoon.  But that didn’t stop most ladies from acquiring a stash & going for second rounds. “Enablers” they called each other tongue-in-cheek British style. I joined in too with the egging on. When in London they say…  But I was good. I came away surprisingly empty handed. I  have a NYC trip planned & MR was already teasing me about going on a fabric fast. So of course I wasn’t going to lend him more ammunition. I’m happy enough to live variously through everyone else’s acquisitions.

The highlights for me of course was the camaraderie, and checking out the Me-Mades in walking 3D. Wouldn’t it have been fun to do a Name That Pattern Quiz, maybe in the tradition of British Pub Quiz? OK, maybe 71 would be too many people to fit in most pub function rooms. And you can’t really do anything too organized and prolonged in a public space. But when else would you get to check out the patterns on beautiful ladies of all shapes and sizes?

I would have failed any such quiz miserably though. There was a large contingent of Indie Pattern fans. All the “Annas” and whatnots flew straight over my Indie Virgin head. I found out one key attraction of the Indie Patterns which I hadn’t realized: The appeal of Sew-Alongs, especially for relative beginners & the social butterflies. It would be rare to find the same level of engagement from more establish brands. I wore my tried & tested old makes: V1159 Donna Karan Twist Front Dress and reversible Burdastyle 2013-11-117 Moto Jacket for the early start chill. Some ladies made their outfits just in time for the meet-up. There were some self-drafted lovelies too.

I’m hoping the official photos will be online soon and all the attendees will check them out, identify themselves and what they wore, and let us know their blog address. For I have a terrible memories for names and stuff. In the meanwhile here are some photos I took. Many ladies were much more organized with their proper camera in tow. I have to resort to Instagram trickery to make mine somewhat interesting looking (I hope).


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Thanks to North American contingent (Clio, Jennifer, Devra, & Vicki)  for suggesting the meet-up & pitching in to herd & direct the group to the various meeting & regrouping points. Hope you have a wonderful stay in London (& onward to the Continent Clio).

And thanks to those lovely ladies I did manage to chat to. I hope I’ll get to relearn all your names again soon, and see what you make with the stash you bought yesterday.

UPDATE: The official photos are up! Go check them out. And if you were there, please tag yourself and your Me-Made(s). Don’t forget to add your blog address/social tag! Rachel has also posted a list of attendees blogs for who’ve gave her that info in the guest book or via her survey.




NYC meet up write up

A week on and finally a write-up. At my age even a couple of weeks of excitement is too much. Two days back in dreary old London and I’m still only 25% human. But if I don’t write it up now I’m afraid my memory will fail me too. So here goes…

It wasn’t the most auspicious of start. Rain was forecasted. And many had to cancel for other reasons. So I wandered through the FIT museum by myself. Sadly both bookstores were also closed for the weekend: I had forgotten that school’s out. Ah well, c’est la vie. I did find a couple of interesting pieces at the RetroSpective exhibition though:

  • Halson halter dress from 1972…The original convertible dress! And I thought Victoria’s Secret & the modern-day independent designers were being so clever.
  • Jean-Paul Gaultier 1988 seersucker jacket with black horizontal stripe detail at high hip & lace applique overlapping these stripes at the sides. I love these artfully arranged details.

Sadly no picture-taking in the museum. I actually set off the alarm a couple of times trying to get a closer view of the garments. Oops.

Next up, Bryant Park for meeting late comers. Thankfully a couple of you did eventually show up!

Jennifer of Workroom Social also brought along a couple of friends whom she managed to bully into take up sewing! Sadly they couldn’t stay for shopping. So Clio of Clio & Phineas was stuck with me for the rest of the afternoon. But what a lovely afternoon it was! For me at least.

While I’ve enjoyed the online sewing blogsphere, I haven’t manage to connect with other fashion sewers offline yet. So meeting and chatting to you gals in real life was such a treat. No funny looks for the weird things that we home sewers obsess about! 🙂 And Clio being familiar with NYC as it was when I lived there was just icing – or should that be Frosting – on the cake. Oh how I feel homesick for NYC.

Anyway, shockingly not much shopping was done on the day. Clio had no need for stashing as she can visit the garment district whenever she wants. So she only got some threads for her current sewing projects.

Me, I was too distracted by the company to shop properly. Plus I forgot that the stores close early on Saturdays. So the only things I bought was a large wax carbon paper & this lovely lace.


But fear not, I did return to the garment district the following Monday & Tuesday. Report on the Haul tomorrow.

Right now I just want to thank Clio and Jennifer for a lovely Saturday afternoon in NYC.

And thank heaven that it did not rain after all.

And Peter of Male Pattern Boldness too for pointing us to the flea markets: My other half ended up buying a heavy vintage microphone that weighs a ton, robbing me of precious baggage allowance for more fabrics I don’t need. Yet I couldn’t spot a single stall of vintage sewing goodies that Peter brag about all the time. Thanks a lot Peter! 😉