Me Made May ’15 – comic con week?


This week has turned into my Comic Con week of sort. And I’m dedicating it to Pretty Grievance and her Wearable Wednesdays. It’s half-way through the month and I obviously needed a little bit of pick-me-up to get to the finish line. So nothing like a bit of humor to tide us over innit!

Me-Made Losing It Week 3:

11 May: Dress: Burda 2012-04-128a, Top/Jacket: self-drafted Martin Margiela SS 1997 Wannabe;
12 May: Top: modified McCall 6078c, Skirt: Burda 2012-05-113, Cardi: modified Burda BS 2011-06-139;
13 May: Dress: self-drafted Michel Klein Wannabe;
14 May: Sweater: self-drafted sew & knit;
15 May: Chemise: self-drafted, Skirt: altered vintage drindl;
16 May: Top: Burda 2010-02-112, Skirt: self-drafted petticoat;
17 May: T-Shirt: self-drafted, Skirt: self-drafted drindl;

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5 comments on “Me Made May ’15 – comic con week?

  1. What a relief from the picture after picture of not very well pressed dresses. I love this approach – so creative and funny. I love you in the petticoat and Marigolds (16 May). Bravo for taking it so seriously that you may have made me (geddit?) laugh.

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