Knitting Wadder no more (?)

Last of my 2014 make was a fix. With your encouragements I took the plunge & refashioned my Michelin Man sweater into a Wang S/S 2010 Wannabe. To recap….

I wanted to go from this:

to this:

And here’s what I ended up with


Alteration Notes

I didn’t bother with pattern this time. Just wing it as I went along. I did manage to take some photos along the way. Pictures worth thousands of words innit!


The Verdict

As expected it’s still a brave silhouette to wear. Best on a feeling tall day. But because the sweater is so comfy I’ve been wearing it even on not my brightest days. So let’s call it a win even if the fashion police in you want to issue me a fine, okay?

5 comments on “Knitting Wadder no more (?)

  1. Diane in London says:

    This jumper is absolutely fabulous! The fashion police will surely want to make one themselves…..seriously.

  2. I have always loved the ‘argumentative’ pieces more than the safe ones, and to have it be comfy makes it even better!

  3. Wow that took determination…. it was definitely worth it though, it’s more than just wearable, it looks really fashion forward (in a good way) now. I still really like that damask flocked pencil skirt by the way. I’ve just taken up knitting again with a vengeance after a huge hiatus, and I’m finding that now I’m just paranoid about ending up with wadders, and fitting, fitting, fretting, fretting as I go. I just frogged something after only knitting about 20% because I could tell it was too big. I think it’s a by product of sewin, being hypercritical about the fit of knitting. 🙁 But I know you said in a previous blog that this one just wouldn’t unravel, so fantastic that you have been able to salvage it so spectacularly.

  4. Are you crazy? What fine? I love the oversized sleeves – they accentuate your waist so nicely. And it must be a win-win if you’re reaching for it often. Great save.

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