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Hello. My name is Pia. And I’m a fabricholic. (Aren’t we all!)

OK, maybe Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) has a bigger fabric hoard than me. But I think I’m not far behind. Certainly far more than I can sew up in this lifetime. I. Just. Could. Not. Part. With. Any. Of. Them. Not. Even. One. In fact, I told hubby if I go first he better bury me with my leftovers. I don’t need no coffin, just wrap me up in my stash – prettiest fabrics first!

I think we can blame NYC for our addiction. I grew up in NYC, so most of my stash is from the luscious fabric stores in the Garment District. Thank goodness then I emigrated across the pond to London many years ago. You see, despite being a world fashion capital, London has no fashion fabric district(s) that compares with NYC. Nor ease of getting cheap & wide variety of sewing gadgets & bits.

I’ve been sewing on & off haphazardly since junior high school. Mostly clothing for myself, motivated by designer fashion that I couldn’t afford, or that doesn’t fit well, or that I still love but can longer find because the trend has passed. I’ve never feel expertly enough to transition from selfish sewing. And sadly although my Mom & Grandma did know how to sew, sewing was seen as something you make a living from when you’re desperate or just to mend clothing, so not something that got passed down to me. I’m mostly self-taught through pattern instructions, books, magazines, & more recently the internet. And I hope by sharing my  fashion sewing & pattern-making experiments with you that you too can teach or motivate yourself to sew & sew better!


3 comments on “About & Contact

  1. Celso Soares says:

    Hi Pia, was linked to your blog by a search on Stuart Anderson, that i was trying to know a bit more since came across some of his work on stretch fabric. Because of your blog I know that he’s been working on a book. Brilliant! Cant wait.
    I also tried his leotard pattern and came across some little problems as you did. I will have to tweak in the crotch area or my mannequin will complain it was too tight lol .

    Thanks for the information you share with us all and now I am a big fan. BTW I am also a self thought sewer full of ideas and wanting to grow.

    Celso x

  2. Deborah Jalving says:

    I just discovered your website and I’m hooked! I plan to read every word with sheer delight!

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