MMM’15 – go forth & be funny

Thanks guys for all the nice comments on my MMM’15 Comic Con Week, especially the thumb up from the Mistress of Wit Ms Pretty Grievance  herself! No pressure then ;-)

But I am a mere amateur when it comes to this Funny Business. And it seems like I’ve used up my wit quotient for the month. Witness what happened when I tried again the week after…

Repeat after me: Never crossbred the corpse of Jungle January with late-term Me Made May.

REPEAT AFTER ME…Never crossbreed the corpse of Jungle January with late-term Me Made May.

You know I love you to share such frightful photo with you right?

So to save humanity from further abominations I’m passing on the Comic Con MMM baton. Here are some standard size templates for Photoshop Element / Photoshop that you can use to create your own fun caption photos…

Comics Frame Templates for Photoshop Element



You will also need to download and install these comics style fonts:

If you fancy creating from scratch (eg for photos with a different proportion)…click here for the tutorial I used.

Now go & make me LOL!

Me Made May ’15 – comic con week?


This week has turned into my Comic Con week of sort. And I’m dedicating it to Pretty Grievance and her Wearable Wednesdays. It’s half-way through the month and I obviously needed a little bit of pick-me-up to get to the finish line. So nothing like a bit of humor to tide us over innit!

Me-Made Losing It Week 3:

11 May: Dress: Burda 2012-04-128a, Top/Jacket: self-drafted Martin Margiela SS 1997 Wannabe;
12 May: Top: modified McCall 6078c, Skirt: Burda 2012-05-113, Cardi: modified Burda BS 2011-06-139;
13 May: Dress: self-drafted Michel Klein Wannabe;
14 May: Sweater: self-drafted sew & knit;
15 May: Chemise: self-drafted, Skirt: altered vintage drindl;
16 May: Top: Burda 2010-02-112, Skirt: self-drafted petticoat;
17 May: T-Shirt: self-drafted, Skirt: self-drafted drindl;

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Me Made May ’15 – week 2


Not much sewing around here lately. I’ve been bogged down with paperwork instead. My only creative outlet has been these MMM photos. All were taken on the phone – I felt too hassled to even manage a tripod. And as motto of the month has been to “do it with conviction”, I decided to play with the weird angles that inevitably result from too short an arm or propping up the phone.

So here’s Me Made Madness week 2:

04 May: Dress: Vogue 1159 Donna Karan;
05 May: Top: Burda 2013-12-119;
06 May: Sweater: altered knitting Alexander Wang Wannabe, Skirt: self-drafted;
07 May: Top: self-drafted Vivienne Westwood-CdG Wannabe;
08 May: Cardi: self-drafted Dolce & Gabbana Wannabe, Skirt: self-drafted;
09 May: Shrug: Burda 2013-11-111, Top: Burda 2012-05-109 , Trench: McCall 5525 , Tote: self-drafted;
10 May: Sweater: Burda 2013-02-121, Skirt: self-drafted;

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Me 2 Me Made May ’15


 ‘I, Pia of, sign up – belatedly – as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I endeavour to wear at least one Me-Made each day for the duration of May 2015′

Finally, I decided to join in all the fun for a change. I normally don’t join the various exciting sew-alongs because I’m confident I could follow through. But this blog and your readership have helped motivate me tremendously in upping my productivity. I feel I’m now in a place where my not so ambitious pledge is finally possible. Here’s to many more years of conquering new sewing territories and taming that Mt. Everest of a Stash.

I’m going to try to keep up with the photo evidences, but post them only weekly to keep the noises down. And maybe have some fun experimenting with different photo approaches rather than my bog standard tripod self-timer shots. Here’s the first week of May…

01 May: T-Shirt: Self-drafted wearable muslin;
02 May: Jacket: Burda 2013-11-117, T-Shirt: Burda 2012-09-123, Skirt: Burda 2011-08-121;
03 May: T-Shirt: Self-drafted wearable muslin, Skirt: Self-drafted panel pencil skirt;

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McQueen V&A Savage Beauty exhibit

iPlayer-VaA-McQueen-tour I’m a bit peeved. I went to this show recently and was told photos were verboten. Yet I just checked out Tinie Tempah’s tour of the exhibit on BBC iPlayer and there were plenty of visitors – including him – who had their camera phones out. Humph.

Instead I was reduced to under-prepared sketching: I should have printed out some croquis so that I could focus on filling in the style lines rather than struggling to conjure up the body forms to support my pencil & paper garments. I suppose I should be grateful that V&A even allowed sketching. The Isabella Blow exhibit at Somerset House I went to a while ago didn’t even allow that. And there were a few choice McQueens there. But all this meant that despite spending a couple of hours there I was too preoccupied to soak up the atmospheric themes.


I don’t know if the iPlayer video will play outside of the UK, but if you’re a fan I’d definite recommend watching it. While no substitute for getting close and personal with the creations – some are much more impressive in person than in photos, the video does take you through all the rooms and show some garments in more details. Alternatively you can try the Savage Beauty exhibit pages on the V&A website which has other videos and some photos of the rooms. Photo credit: V&A website

I guess I must be a fan since I came home with yet another McQueen book (my 4th).  I was expecting the exhibition book to have the same content as the NYC Met version – maybe with the supposedly extra outfits laid out for this McQueen’s home game. But actually it’s totally different inside. So I couldn’t resist.

As for the outfits, to be honest a lot of them are over the top even for me (by which I mean impractical – it’s harder to shock me with clothing). But I do like how most of them still have very strong and clear silhouettes. Sometimes avant-garde gets so messy that it looks like a giant ball of exploded fabric stash. Most McQueens you can still see the human silhouette, albeit exaggerated sometimes.

A lot of the beauty for me is in the details, and the specific executions of what by now aren’t entirely new ideas – sorry die-hard McQueenies. For me being the first doesn’t make you the best. Great ideas can be ruined by poor executions in design or production.

In his tailoring there are lots of interesting style-lines that you rarely see in the commercial patterns. Yet they yield silhouettes that are simultaneously classic and modern, controlled yet edgy. I also love the Romanticism in the textures, patterns, and material he used. That’s Romanticism of the dramatic variety – the realization of the ephemeral nature of life & beauty – rather than the valentine roses variety. The shredded hem, raw edges, frayed or rough texture mixed with traditional crew embroidery, etc. It will be these details that I turn to for inspirations rather than trying wholesale copies, which could be tedious, difficult and unrewarding.

The other thing that I like about McQueen is the fearless way he cut into his works-in-progress, shocking the talented ladies at Givenchy Altelier who work cautiously and precisely. My own obsessive cautiousness bugs me from time to time. So it feels vicariously liberating to watch the way he worked, as shown in this other BBC video (YouTube version below, also on iPlayer if you have access)…

Granted he had proper training. Novices like us would be hard pressed to achieve the same results were we to attack fabrics in the same manner. Nonetheless it’s a reminder not to lose sight of the forest for the trees…an advice I blatantly ignored during my visit and now wished I had spent an extra half hour just soaking up the atmosphere.

EXHIBIT INFO: up until 2 August 2015, tickets still available (limited in May, more June onward – advance booking advisable) and cost from £17.50. At the Victoria & Albert Museum, Cromwell Road, London SW7 2RL.