F&F masks

Over the last few months I’ve been refining my 3D mask pattern & using my friends & family as guinea pigs. So the instruction & pattern have been updated. I’ve increased the size range, tweaked the fit, added a sizing ruler to help you choose a size, & included a wear & care instruction sheet should you want to make masks for other people. You can get the latest version here:

As friends of friends started asking if they could buy one, but I’ve ran out of supplies & time to make them, I’m sharing notes on my Friends & Family Only ‘couture’ version (😉😂) in case anyone wants to pick up the banton & make them for their F&Fs or to sell. Hopefully more comfortable, better fitting, & more stylish masks will encourage people to wear them in higher risk situations. Stay safe everyone! Let’s don those masks so we can all get back to some semblance of normality sooner❣️






The process & end product

The sewing process is mostly the same as in my PDF instruction file. The main change I made is replacing the nose wire casing with edge lining the entire perimeter inside the mask. This is because my inner layer feels a bit rough on the skin. But it does add a nice finishing touch as well.

For the final package I send to my friends, I added a spare nose wire, 2 paper inserts, and usage & care instruction sheet.




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