Wait! Wait for us Jungle January!

Jungle January 2015
Just as the gate is about to close on another year’s Jungle January,
my pet Snakes finally slither their way into the party…

Thank goodness the party’s held in the Americas, affording me a few extra hours to get them ready. This year’s Jungle Pets are actually quintuplets. Or maybe that should be sextuplets since I manage to squeeze a couple of scarfs in too. Unfortunately two of the batch didn’t hatch in time. So all you’re getting are these two + scarfs.

I really must start next year’s Jungle Beasts early…Like in Jungle June or July?

3 comments on “Wait! Wait for us Jungle January!

    • Haha. And these combos are of course inspired by your fearless Jungle Expeditions! If I didn’t running out of time I would have Photoshoped myself into Jungle backgrounds too – I had already saved a few backgrounds to my PC.

      Thank you for starting & hosting Jungle January! It’s so much fun even if it’s a bit stressful for procrastinators like yours truly.

      BTW the beige fabric look just like bandage fabric. So totally fit into the Jungle theme, what with so many fearsome animals around!

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