What do you do with a knitting wader?

k-eddie-mmRemember my Michelin Man sweater? It was suppose to look this glamorous.

Edie from Precious by Kim Hargreaves

Look so soft & chic doesn’t it? But mine, which is knitted with Rowan Kidsilk Aura – equally soft & cuddly – came out more the hand of a sweatshirt knit. It took so long to knit and the result was so catastrophic that I haven’t try knitting after that. But while I was fooling around on my recent projects photo shoot, I thought of a way to maybe salvage poor Michelin Man.

I was trying to see if Michelin Man would look better shorter. And the shape I ended up with reminds me of these cool looking Alexander Wang sweater / sweatshirt editorials I clipped a while back.


I haven’t altered Michelin Man yet. For the photo shoot it was only temporarily altered with safety pins. But what do you think, should I go ahead & permanently alter this to be an Wang Wannabe?

It’s still a difficult shape to wear. Especially without the skyscraper heels that I reserve for photo shoots only. But cool outfits often push the boundary of good taste. Straddling that fine line is probably what makes them so irresistible. Like moth to flame, you’re not sure you can love them but nor can you look away!

If you knit garments, what do you do with a knitting wader? Especially one that can’t be frogged. (I’ve tried. All that mohair fluff won’t part.)

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  1. I’ve had a few knitting fails! Definitely cut and alter it – if it won’t unravel it makes it easier to cut and sew. Look up ‘OJolly’ crafting fashion for tips on sewing sweater knits. I think it’ll be much more wearable afterwards:)

  2. Definitely it’s worth altering, that’s a relatively expensive yarn and you would have needed a lot for that sweater (ouch). The revised shape you would end up with (touch wood) is quite versatile and chic methinks. I had a mohair wadder a long time ago that refused to unravel as well. I gave up on it because I also found it too itchy to wear close to the skin, and I steer clear of mohair now on principle. But I have to admit it’s still stored somewhere, just in case inspiration hits!! If it was me I’d skinny down the arms as well, but it would obviously be less out there if you did. Knitting is so like that, more of a time investment since you are also making the fabric not just the garment, but I find it really meditative, so I just can’t resist. But it’s really teeth-gnashingly annoying when it bombs, hate that!

  3. LOVE the altered version!

    UUgh, if I can’t frog it – like my own mohair sweater fail – I just leave it sitting unloved and forlorn… Your option is better!

  4. SKP says:

    What I do: unravel it (preferably early in the process), give it to a friend, shrink it, turn it into felt, or yes, sew it into a different shape. Your altered version looks worth a shot.

  5. It looks great in your after photos – I’d make the alteration. Knitting is frustrating that way – so much work before you realize that your knit isn’t working the way you want it to.

  6. Heather Lou says:

    You totally saved it! Love the silhouette with a pencil skirt. Knitting wadders is probably why it took me 2 years to attempt a sweater again. The idea of all that work NOT working out is petrifying.

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