Well, it’s sort of a plan…

I tried. I really did. But I just couldn’t manage a proper SWAP. You know, the type that’s logical & lays the foundation for a capsule wardrobe. And requires too brutal a decisive mind. I simply couldn’t. Too many temptations calling out from the stash.

So here’s what I ended up with…


Looks really scary doesn’t it? And this is only for fabrics in my stash. I might add something else to the menu after my NYC shopping trip. I certainly need some basic fitted long-sleeve Ts & cardigans in blacks and browns. Plus there’s also Michelin Man waiting for its nip tuck.

Some of these are actually just me trying out different options for the same fabric, either because I can’t decide or I don’t know whether I’ll have enough fabric. So even if I manage all of these there will only be…29 items!?!?

My, that’s still a lot. And why are summery camisoles in the plan? As I told you, there’s no logic to it. Just bunch of fabric sirens calling out to me, whispering what they feel like becoming. I’d be happy if I manage a quarter of these by Spring :@)

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  1. Ambitious but awesome plan! (I wear camis all year round – on their own in summer, or as a base layer or under a jacket in colder months).

  2. Wowsers! Love your croquis – it must help so much in determining what’s worth muslining and what isn’t. I haven’t jumped on that wagon yet. I love your ideas and your fabrics. What a great way to think through what you’ve got in stash! Funny thing, SWAPs…. the plan is a useful “direction”, but inevitably I find myself sidetracked. Thanks for sharing your ideas/thoughts! Having the idea on paper is a great reference.

  3. What’s scary is how well you can draw. I’m oh so jealous!! And I’m not good at SWAP’s either. I ended up buying a new wardrobe and adding some me-made items to the mix to jazz it up 🙂 But the silhouettes you drew are so so nice! I might even steal some if I can find a way to incorporate pencil skirts in my wardrobe 🙂

    • Haha. A croquis helps a lot – notice they’re all on tracing paper! Plus inspiration photos to show you roughly how the garment might hang. I was tempted by Fashionary, but decided against it since the ready-made croquis won’t reflect my figure quarks. And the whole point of this exercise is to test of a design might look on me rather than some 6-feet+ stick insect! 😉

      By all means try any of the ideas! That’s the point of sharing this plan – inspire other people to be adventurous and ambitious with their sewing too!

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