Balmain Wannabe?

So as I was browsing my Burdastyle pile for SWAP inspiration & came across this top. Checking for pretty pictures I noticed the image file name mentions Balmain. Isn’t that some fancy schmancy designer?

I googled around but could not find any Balmain that looks exactly like this top. But I did find this Balmain Fall 2102 collection runway photo on which has similar stylelines. Do you think it’s a Burda designer wannabe?

“The B**** Stole My Look!!!!”

I actually rather like the Burda version. The designer original looks really clunky. I reckon it would look terrible on us plebs. I might make the Burda one with Organza front and back, and Georgette for the sides and sleeves. One to sleep on.

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    • 🙁 That link doesn’t work – I get redirected to the home page. What is the pattern number you were linking to? Inquiring mind wants to know!

      As for black leather…How about the jacket on the next page that’s paired with this top? ( Is that one acceptable? Does the black leather rub off on this borderline twee top? 😉

      You’re right that Balmain version has a rather rock-n-roll biker jacket silhouette. When are you going to make one in black leather? 😉

  1. I think the Burda version suffers from the fabric and button choice. But in organza and georgette this could be lovely!

    • Yeah, even the Burda version is borderline. But I do like the borderline from time to time. This one looks borderline over-the-top prairie. So I actually appreciate the humongous buttons & styling it with seemingly leather pants, and the bad-ass pairing with the black leather jacket on the next page. Elevates it above rest of the garments in that feature which I find meh. It does look a bit stiff, so hard to pull off if one’s not tall and slim.

    • It always amazes me when designers manages to make tall & willowy models look squat. I suppose when you’re under unreasonable pressure to produce produce produce, creative quality eventually suffers. I rather wish the pace of fashion slow down a bit, and designers get to live off residual royalties like other types of artists…So that they don’t have to turn out tats.

      But on the other hand I do enjoy the good taste envelope being challenged every so often. Otherwise we’d still be in historical costumes, all corseted up with floor length skirts and smelling salt to hand.

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