MMM’15 – go forth & be funny

Thanks guys for all the nice comments on my MMM’15 Comic Con Week, especially the thumb up from the Mistress of Wit Ms Pretty Grievance  herself! No pressure then 😉

But I am a mere amateur when it comes to this Funny Business. And it seems like I’ve used up my wit quotient for the month. Witness what happened when I tried again the week after…

Repeat after me: Never crossbred the corpse of Jungle January with late-term Me Made May.

REPEAT AFTER ME…Never crossbreed the corpse of Jungle January with late-term Me Made May.

You know I love you to share such frightful photo with you right?

So to save humanity from further abominations I’m passing on the Comic Con MMM baton. Here are some standard size templates for Photoshop Element / Photoshop that you can use to create your own fun caption photos…

Comics Frame Templates for Photoshop Element



You will also need to download and install these comics style fonts:

If you fancy creating from scratch (eg for photos with a different proportion)…click here for the tutorial I used.

Now go & make me LOL!

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