Me Made May ’15 – week 2


Not much sewing around here lately. I’ve been bogged down with paperwork instead. My only creative outlet has been these MMM photos. All were taken on the phone – I felt too hassled to even manage a tripod. And as motto of the month has been to “do it with conviction”, I decided to play with the weird angles that inevitably result from too short an arm or propping up the phone.

So here’s Me Made Madness week 2:

04 May: Dress: Vogue 1159 Donna Karan;
05 May: Top: Burda 2013-12-119;
06 May: Sweater: altered knitting Alexander Wang Wannabe, Skirt: self-drafted;
07 May: Top: self-drafted Vivienne Westwood-CdG Wannabe;
08 May: Cardi: self-drafted Dolce & Gabbana Wannabe, Skirt: self-drafted;
09 May: Shrug: Burda 2013-11-111, Top: Burda 2012-05-109 , Trench: McCall 5525 , Tote: self-drafted;
10 May: Sweater: Burda 2013-02-121, Skirt: self-drafted;

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