Watch out! Psychedelic Leopards on the loose!

This one is dedicated to the MC of Junglist Massive,
a Ms Anne of Pretty Grievances.

I’m not convinced the 3 Psychedelic Leopard cubs want to play nicely together, nor with other regular leopards either. But seeing as I’m terribly late for Jungle January, I thought the least I can do is to herd all of them into the same room for some OTT Jungle Fever photo ops. So here goes…

First off:
Vogue Donna Karan 1282 Cowl-Neck Top
& Burdastyle 2012-05-113 Skirt,
with well-worn Joan & David Circa lizard skin  pumps.

Next up:
Modified McCall 6078c Cowl Neck Top,
Skirt restyled from old H&M Dress,
Mini-Beret restyled from old scarf (never blogged),
with threadbare Anne Klein leopard print pumps.

No birds were killed during the making of these pictures. Well, not by me anyway. I blame the friend who gave me the feathers.

Fashionably Late Of Course

Hurrah, I finally have my cutting table back. For over a couple of months now it’s been the dumping ground for our bathroom bits while the room was getting a make over.

Pretty Grievances's Jungle January Party

So that’ll be my official excuse for not arriving at Pretty Grievances’ Jungle January party on time. Not that I’m there yet. But finishing that Plenty Good Enough tote bag has emboldened me to get on with my Psychedelic Leopard projects.


Projects plural I said. For I’m ambitiously trying to squeeze 2 tops and 1 skirt out of 2 yards of the 60″ wide turquoise leopard print fabric. Remember, this is the fabric that if I were to follow instruction obediently wouldn’t even be enough for 1 wrap dress. But tweaking the McCall 6078 view B cowl neck top I made last summer, I discovered I can go way down in size, especially with these stretchy spandex jersey. So I’m hoping that by going down to a size 4-6/XS and then some (from a recommended size 12), then throw in industry standard narrower seam allowances for knit, I just might conjure up a miracle.

But just in case, I’ve already purchased another 3-1/2 yards of this lovely from B&J Fabrics. Just need to hop on a plane to pick it up from my brother’s across the pond. Going by my sewing rate though there’ll be plenty of time to pick it up. (Speaking of stashes, OMG, have you checked out Modern Vintage Cupcakes and Mercury – Handmade Fashion‘s stashes? Big sigh of relief that I’m not alone.)

So here’s Plan A:

Burdastyle Magazine 2012-05-113 skirt

Donna Karan Vogue Pattern 1282 cowl-neck top

Burdastyle Magazine Blumarine 2011-06-139 wrap dress
shortened to be a 3/4 sleeve wrap shirt

Next up:

Tracing out & adjusting the patterns. And pray, pray, PRAY that I won’t need a Plan B.