Fall-Winter 2014 SWAP … batch 1 designs

I had these design & inspiration posts lined up for ages now, but got distracted┬áthen lost the mojo to finish them. But as Me-Made-Tote the Second is from this batch, and possibly the next two projects, maybe it’s time to finish them. So you’ve seen the tote already. The fake fur shawl should be dead […]

Yippie! More Fabrics for Me!

So, while no fabric was bought during the NYC Meet Up, my suitcase was already half full with fabrics: I had ordered some from B&J Fabrics online a while back and had them sent to my brother’s in Ohio. It was ostensibly for more of that fabulous turquoise leopard print knit, which I had thought […]


So, winter has returned to London again after a week’s break. And despite my recent ‘achievements’ I still feel like I have nothing to wear when I dress for work in the morning. With that in mind I decided my next projects need to be practical winter tops that I’ll be able to wear immediately. […]