So, winter has returned to London again after a week’s break. And despite my recent ‘achievements’ I still feel like I have nothing to wear when I dress for work in the morning.

With that in mind I decided my next projects need to be practical winter tops that I’ll be able to wear immediately. I have a light weight wool jersey and a sweater knit I want to use up.

fabric-lt-wool-jersey-001I’ve been eying Burdastyle 2011-11-114 for the light-weight wool jersey ever since the pattern came out. But I’m not convinced by the weird upper back, the dropped shoulder with skinny sleeves (is that a weird bump I see at the shoulder tip seam?), nor the length (seems like it’d only be good with skinny pants and pencil skirts). But I love the wrap front drape. So I’m thinking of a Franken-pattern with shortened Burdastyle Blumarine 2011-06-139 bodice and sleeves (what I originally planned for the turquoise leopard print fabric – I might still make it yet) + the front neckline of Burdastyle 2011-11-114.

bs-2011-06-139_tech-mod + bs-2011-11-114_tech-mod = goal-lt-wool-jersey ?

fabric-sweater-knit-001And for the sweater knit, I’m thinking of a silhouette like this Jigsaw sweater I got from a friend during a cloth swap.

inspiration-jigsaw-sweaterI loved that sweater. I didn’t think I would. But its 60ish vibe worked really well with both skinny pants and this A-line skirt I also got during the cloth swap. Oh how I cried when I accidentally shrunk the sweater. I was considering knitting a replacement, but knitting takes too long and my knitting skill is unreliable.

So, I’m thinking of using Burdastyle 013-02-121 Flared Tunic as the base, drop the front collar slit, tame the sleeve flare a bit, shorten the tunic, and add a wide tube collar.

bs-2013-02-121_tech-mod  =>    goal-sweater-knit   ?

What do you think? Would either of these mashups work? Or am I mad like Frankenstein? 🙂

And you, do you do much pattern mashing / Franken-patterning?

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  1. I’m really into Franken-patterning at the moment! Like the drawings you’ve made too. I suspect the second one will be easier…the front drape on the first could be tricky…but hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained! Just jump in and give them both a try.

  2. I often franken-pattern because I’ve never bothered to learn anything about pattern drafting. I really like both ideas. Looking forward to them!

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