T’was a unlucky weekend…

…when no sewing can be done. Because…

Saffy the sewing machine is still sick. And on top of that, my Horn Eclipse Sewing Cabinet‘s lift mechanism had decided to pack in too. Being of superstitious stock I’m blaming it on Mercury Retrograde.

So Saffy has been sent to the local dealer for “Servicing” on Saturday. And with the retrograde ending today and the dealer being closed for Sundays, fingers crossed that when they get around to her it’ll be a simple “Servicing” to fix the whacky tension problem (and not some major operation that’ll take months and cost a fortune).

As for the cabinet, I think the problem might be a tension wire gone off track. One of the two grooves on the black dial is empty. I suspect the wire is suppose to go into that empty groove. I can’t think why else there would be two grooves. Does anyone else have an Eclipse and can check for me where that wire is suppose to go?

We tried disassembling the lift to get the wire back in place. But there’s no clearance above the dial to maneuver the wire back in place. I have absolutely no idea how the wire managed to escape in the first place.

The cabinet is less than a year old as well! I’m hoping Horn Furniture will be nice about it and help me get it fixed. Wish me luck!

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    • Yes, thankfully.

      I called Horn Furniture. They sent someone here to repair it. He ended up replacing the entire lift mechanism – it was easier than trying to get the wire back into the groove. He said it’s very rare and he personally hadn’t encounter this problem before.

      Now I’m very careful when I push the lift mechanism up or down – I do it slowly and as gently as I can.

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