T-Shirt Block: Burda 2012-09-123 part 3

Muslin No. 2

muslin2-planThis time I chose a fabric more like the muted gold one that I’m going to use eventually: The Cerise 4 way Stretch Soft Touch Lycra Jersey from Tissu Fabrics. The key ingredient is of course spandex / lycra. This one is slightly more light weight and more drapy though. So not so great for very fitted top which would show any lumps and bumps that we acquire along the way. Unless you’re wearing Spanx of course. Anyway, not great look for ladies of certain age. But as this is a color that I’m not too sure about, I don’t mind using some up for making muslins.

As for the pattern…

The green lines are original size 34. The red lines are my adjustments.

I made a few more changes:

  • Taken 3/4″ off front shoulder seam in the hope it’ll pull the upper back up and keep those sway-back wrinkles at bay. Let’s hope this won’t choke me in the front neck instead!
  • Raised the underarm part of the arm scythe back up, and adjusted the arm scythe curves slightly.
  • Narrowed the sleeve by removing 1/2″ from both sides. Actually, I compared the pattern to my most recent measurements for wrist, elbow, bicep, and high arm width (front crease to back crease). That’s how I determined I can comfortably remove 1″ from the sleeve along the whole length.
  • Shortened the sleeve by 1″ and reduced the cap height by 1/2″. Adjusted the arm scythe curves by slide & pivot method, joining up my new width and height reference points.

Here’s how it sewed up – or hand-basted together…

OK I cheated again. The less wrinkly underarm side had additional adjustment:

  • Lowered the underarm part of the arm scythe back down 1/2″.

It was too dark to take photos last night after my first basting. And I was too impatient to wait overnight before attacking that underarm wrinkle. As a compromise I only changed one side so you can see the before & after picture in one go. BTW it’s more visible in real life. Light condition is still not great for photo-taking, so it might not be so visible in the photo.

Final pattern for Burda 2012-09-123


Again, green is original size 34, red is my final pattern, orange is Muslin No. 2 take 1. The few final adjustments are:

  • Shortened the sleeve a further 1″. Measurement-wise Muslin No. 2 should be correct. But maybe because this Cerise fabric is light-weight, drapy 4-way stretch, it succumbed to gravity and grew lengthwise.
  • Redrew the shoulder piece seam line so that it’s more slanted. I’ve removed quite a bit from the front shoulder, so I was a bit worried that a short almost horizontal piece might emphasize my relatively broad shoulder.
  • Widened bust area by 1″ total and sleeves underarm area by 1/2″ to match, so that I’d look less like a slightly over-stuffed and lumpy sausage. I also widened hip by 1/2″ total on the final copy of the pattern, but forgot to update this working copy.

And my Fitted T-shirt Block


Although the final Burda 2012-09-123 is almost basic as you can get, it nonetheless has one design feature left: The slightly widened and lowered neckline. I want my T-Shirt Block to be like a second skin, with the minimum ease necessary, so that I can base a variety of designs on it, including turtlenecks. So the final changes added are:

  • Lengthen shoulder seam towards the neck by 3/8″.
  • Lengthen CF upward towards the neck by 1/4″.

So there you are, T-Shirt Block done. And Dolce & Gabbana inspired Burda 2012-09-123 in muted gold ready to roll. Once Saffy the sewing machine comes home of course.

Now what do you think I should do with the Cerise Muslin No. 2? Unfortunately I only added 3/8″ for seam allowance, so I can’t make it much looser. One possibility I’m considering is cutting a new front and make it into Burda 2013-02-113


The back hip might be slightly too narrow. But maybe the extra fabric in the front will loosen the fit and hide the bulges. Lengthwise the Muslin is long enough to reach my hip – I tucked it up in the photo to see how a high-hip length fitted T-shirt would look like.

If you have any other suggestion for this Muslin No. 2 please share! Muchas gracias 🙂

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