Drab sewing

Nope, Sewing Mojo still not back from holidays yet. So I’ve been making do with drab home-furnishing sewing. Drab because it’s suppose to be dead simple. Just boring straight lines and rectangles. Yet it’s taking more effort than I expected.

See these curtains?

curain for the living room

How long would that take you to make? It’s not lined. So just joining pieces and hemming four sides per panel. The rings are plastic snap-on’s. So not even heavy machinery needed.

taming the curtain...or trying toBut the fabric is heavy. And my sewing space cramped.

Even with a flat sewing surface & the sewing cabinet fully open, I just couldn’t manage a straight line of sewing. The dinky home sewing machine with its dainty little feed dog & foot was just no match for these heifers of a fabric. They move whichever way they please.

You quilters & home decor sewers out there have my full respect now. How do you coax unwieldy pieces to stay in line?

Merry Xmas all!

I don’t really celebrate – being a scattered immigrant family we didn’t grow up with any strongly ingrained holiday traditions. But the festive spirit can’t but rub off on you innit! So out came the Xmas angel and decoration I made a few years ago. But on a rosemary pyramid that will hopefully see me through a new year of fragrant cooking.

Digging out photos of last time I realize I’m still missing a few bits…


The popcorn strings didn’t last very long. They crumble all over the place. So I don’t think I will be making fresh ones this year. Besides they’re better for eating! The orange clove pomanders and cinnamon sticks are still in good shape, so back on the tree. And I must get more candy canes. They’re about the only thing I remember from childhood Christmas – just the one lasting memory of sucking the tips till they’re sharp like pencil!

Anyway, to all who are celebrating I wish you a Very Merry Christmas!