Drab sewing

Nope, Sewing Mojo still not back from holidays yet. So I’ve been making do with drab home-furnishing sewing. Drab because it’s suppose to be dead simple. Just boring straight lines and rectangles. Yet it’s taking more effort than I expected.

See these curtains?

curain for the living room

How long would that take you to make? It’s not lined. So just joining pieces and hemming four sides per panel. The rings are plastic snap-on’s. So not even heavy machinery needed.

taming the curtain...or trying toBut the fabric is heavy. And my sewing space cramped.

Even with a flat sewing surface & the sewing cabinet fully open, I just couldn’t manage a straight line of sewing. The dinky home sewing machine with its dainty little feed dog & foot was just no match for these heifers of a fabric. They move whichever way they please.

You quilters & home decor sewers out there have my full respect now. How do you coax unwieldy pieces to stay in line?

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  1. Well they REALLY look good! It actually sounds like a terrible idea to do if you sewing mojo has taken a hit… I just completed an Elsa costume for my teenage daughter and my dissatisfaction with the princess seams (on shiny, shiny poly satin, I know that’s a bad idea but the colour was perfect) has dented my mojo severely. Have to get back on that horse with something more rewarding!

    • Most definitely! My next project while maybe boring to blog (because it’s a repeat) would definitely be rewarding. Its predecessor has served me well over the last two years 🙂

  2. I have not officially sewed any post the curtain sewing job (officially the Worst Job Ever)(which I did at work on their machines)(and I was terrible at) (and worst- NO ONE CARED)

    I have redraped Ikea curtains to great effect, but yes, those looooooong seams are only achievable with industrial space and a long arm machine. My advice is always: buy Ikea. They already did that part for you.

    • If they had the right size in the right color I would have bought ready-made. Maybe I should have just paid someone to make it. I see now why it cost a fortune! 😉

  3. I hate home dec sewing with a passion! Fortunately I live in the woods and have a very minimal aesthetic, so no curtains! Not in 42 years of marriage. We have pleated light blocking shades in the bedrooms.

  4. Yup. Home decor, especially window dressings, is a PITA. Large open space is definitely a requirement. I’ve only made 3 serious sets of window treatments so far in my life, and each time I opted for a lot of hand sewing because it seemed to be the only way I could manage the sheer size of the enterprise. Oh, and setting up my machine in the middle of the floor helped with keeping the fabric tame while stitching. Your curtains look great! I love the pooling on the floor.

    • Yours look so professional. All that hand sewing obviously paid off.

      When I was shopping I thought it pointless paying a fortune for someone else to make it. I thought straight lines would be dead easy. That it’d take an hour or two at most. Hardly worth forking out money delegating. How wrong I was! 😉

      BTW, pooling on the floor is only temporary. While it does look indulgent, it would be highly impractical here. I shed like crazy. I don’t want to have to clean the curtain every week! We’re waiting for the right drill bits to put up brackets properly. We’re also putting up photo studio style backdrop and I’ll probably have to make a pelmet to cover that. MR is dragging his feet with the DIY. So I can’t hem the bottom yet.

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