Me Made Holiday

So, how was your Me Made May 2013? I was very tempted to join in. But I simply don’t have enough projects that I can still wear to even do 1 Me Made a day, never mind outfits of Me Mades only for a whole big month. But I think I might just manage a Me Made Holiday.

I hereby promise to wear at least one Me Made garment a day during my 14 day visit to the US of A. Repeats allowed – I am hoping to have room for new fabric acquisitions after all! But I will try to at least wear them in different outfit combinations.

So promise made. Now time to panic. What should I pack? Should I rush a few more pieces through – like I did for my dream trip to the Maldives last year?

I thought maybe I could whip up a few more simple knit tops. You know, build on my recent Fitted T-shirt Block experiment. Two Steps Forward One Step Back instead of the usual One Step Forward Two Steps Back (thanks to flitting between different types of projects without really mastering any).

And I did get as far as drafting patterns and cutting out fabrics for

But in the end, after checking the holiday weather forecast – HOT – I decided to pack mostly previous summery makes. They were rather impractical for chilly London. So this would be the perfect opportunity to justify their existence.

I did have to fix a couple of them though.

  • v1159_4s2_6.jpgVogue 1159 Donna Karan Draped Front Dress needed the Vilene Bias Tape (stabilizing interface) removed from the armholes. I think I was mistaken to think that armholes need stabilizing to the same extent as necklines. There’s no big head to fit over, so theoretically they shouldn’t stretch out of shape as much. I think I was confused by previous Burda instructions for raglan sleeve T-shirts. Anyone know the correct rules when it comes to interfacing knit garment edges?
  • heidi-skirt-frontHeidi Skirt (not blogged yet)…relic from my NYC days which I’ve refashioned numerous times for an ever expanding waistline. Well it’s that time again 🙁 . And this time I had to resort to butted waist band ends with hooks & eyes too 🙁 . Time to seriously hit the gym. But not until after my holiday of course!

I also ended up sewing the Wrap Cardi, but ran out of time to finish the hemming. So it’s basted and packed with a mini-sewing kit, ready to be hand finished during the trip.


What about you? Do you panic sew your holiday wardrobe too?

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  1. A Me-made holiday sounds lovely! I must confess that I don’t panic sew anymore. I just have too many fitting issues, and whenever I panic sew, I end up with more work that if I’d just take my time already, for Pete’s sake! I’ve sewn enough garments over the last few years that I can go 30 days all in me-mades, each day different, but the problem is that i don’t have slouchy loungey schlepping-around me-mades, and the thought of making schleppy doesn’t appeal to me. It’s a conundrum, because my life isn’t always as pretty as my me-made closet, and those days, well, I reach for RTW schlep!

    Have a wonderful holiday. Are you planning to add to your stash while you’re away?

    • Adding to stash…Most definitely! 😉

      I’m hoping by next year this time I’ll be in the same position as you – having enough me-mades that I don’t have to panic sew anymore. Yeap, you won’t see me on Great British Sewing Bee any time soon. My hands trembles when I have to sew under pressure.

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