NYC meet up – Saturday, June 8, 2013

OK, so I’ve emailed a few people in NYC and some are up for a meet up on Saturday, June 8. As no one has offered any suggestions of where and what, here’s my starter for 10, blatantly plagerizing Peter Lappin’s ever popular MPB Day! (Sadly I’m never in NYC in August to attend this annual event. NYC at the height of Summer just seem too hot to visit!)

Meeting Point for Earlish Birds:

11am – 12:30pm at Fashion Institute of Technology

  • Museum at FIT: RetroSpective exhibition (7th Ave & 27th St).
  • Fashion Design Books (250 W 27th St) – I can’t resist bookstores with fashion design books. I’ve been to this one before. There are also some supplies.
  • FIT Bookstore (David Dubinsky Student Center, basement, 8th Ave & 28 St) – I took some night classes at FIT long time ago, but could never find the school bookstore again when I visit since moving to the UK. Might have some interesting supplies as well as fashion design books. Not sure if it’s open to the public or students only, but worth a try.

Not sure if everyone want to check out the bookstores. So let’s say meet up at the Museum from 11am onward. Those of us who want to go to the bookstores then do that and return to the Museum at 12:30 to meet up with those who don’t or arrive a bit later. We’ll then make our way up to the Garment District & meet other late comers there…

Meeting Point for Late Comers:

1pm – 2pm

Place for lunch, chat, and meeting those who want a Saturday lie-in. I’ve always loved Bryant Park. Such lovely urban oasis from the bustle of the surrounding streets. And Kinokyniya Japanese Bookstore’s good for checking out kooky Japanese fashion, maybe some Japanese pattern books. I’m hoping they’d have those delicate Japanese Western cakes in the 2nd floor cafe. One time I visited, there were a bunch of Cosplay kids. And they’re not even Japanese! Awesome.

Afternoon shopping in the Garment District:

2pm – 5pm ?

I have a whole list of possibilities. So I’m not sure how to organize this. Maybe split up into “high end,” “mid-level,”and “dumpster” groups like Peter does it? Here are the candidates. If you’re coming, maybe you can vote and let me know which you’re interested? You can choose multiples…

And if anyone still standing after that…

Maybe a final cuppa or even a cocktail to compare shopping bags, say around 5pm? Suggestions for re-grouping point? I’ve run out of ideas!


Please leave a comment below or contact me via the form below so I can get an idea of numbers. Thanks!

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