From Summer to Winter in a day

Back in dreary old London now. Not only has the sunshine gone, but the temperature had also head south from 30° C to 14° C. Brrrrrrrrrrr.

I was going to make a trench to replace my thread bare Topshop version. But now I think I’ll need to skip straight to a heavier coat – another replacement for another beloved thread bare Topshop find.

Topshop Bouclé Coat

I’m thinking Burda Style 2012-08-101 (coat) and 2012-08-103 (fur collar).

The sihouette is close enough to the Topshop coat. I like the idea of detachable fur collar. I still have leftover scraps of faux shearling to make the detachable fur collar from. I don’t have the same lovely bouclé fabric though. The closest I have is this green one, which I originally wanted to make a jacket-skirt ensemble from. Both were from B&J Fabrics in NYC bought ages ago.

Or I could just reline the Topshop coat. Hmmm…need more sleeping on the options.

In the meanwhile, I’m going to try Off-the-Cuff Sewing Style Pam’s wool pre-shrinking tip on this green bouclé anyway. I got a bunch of wool fabrics which I’ve been dreading sewing because it’s such a pain to pre-shrink.

Actually, with 8° C predicted for the weekend, maybe an even heavier coat is called for. Then again, maybe I should work on that trench after all. Given my tortoise sewing speed, I might just manage to have it finished for Spring if I start now! 🙂

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