A month of wishful thinking

No sooner had I come back from holiday than my brother announced he’d like to see just a little bit of Old Europe. He had never been this side of the pond. And being a new graduate with no job lined up yet, could I please put him up for 3 weeks. How can a big sis say no right?

So the sewing room is to be sacrificed to an airbed and the cutting table to computing and dinners. (We never eat at the table ourselves, what being couch potatoes and all. But when you have guests, it just doesn’t seem proper!)

Another week is given up to tidying and scrubbing it all down. I suspect there’ll be very little – if any – sewing done in Nov 🙁 All I can do is a bit of planning at best. Or more likely wishful thinking.

Or a bit of that perennial British hobby: moaning (complaining). This time about the dearth of fancy lining and interlining for the Spring Coats. Where are the Kashas / Sunbacks (flannel backed satin lining) and the lambs wool interfacing? I thought the Great British Tailoring would translate into a wealth of tailoring knick knacks and supplies. Obviously not.

I envy those in NYC who can pop down to my favorite B&J Fabrics where they supposedly have Sunback / Kasha lining in “oodles of colors, even a print or two, at $10.95 a yard!” according to Meg of Shop The Garment District blog.

And lambs wool interfacing…where are people getting these? I see it mentioned left right and center. But the only source I see mentioned is the now defunct Greenberg and Hammer in NYC. And the only other one I can find on Google is Bergen Tailors & Cleaners Supply Corp, again in the US of A.

Maybe the native Brits are made of sturdier stuff, so no need for warmth and insulation to keep out the damp cold. Not so for this Tropical Baby. The search continues. Maybe a trip to NYC? Now that’s really Wishful Thinking!

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