Floral Burda 2012-04-128 Cowl Neck Dress

The companion dress to my CdG wannabe hoodie, this one also started out with high aspiration…and fell way short.

Because the fabric is slightly see through, I toyed with the idea of something like this Jean-Paul Gaultier 1990 Autumn/Winter dress ? extended vest ? But Ms Practicality vetoed the high side slits & I ended up with yet another variation of Burda 2012-04-128 dress…previously incarnated as a shimmering snake print dress & a defective yet still much worn camisole.

I had wanted to make this dress longer like the JPG inspiration, but Ms Cheapskate didn’t buy enough fabric. So the result – especially when worn together with the matching top – is just this side of twee.

The Pattern

Style Shots & Mug Shots

WORN WITH: 1 Burda 2018-01-106 Top; 2-3 all by her lonesome self;

WORN WITH: 4 Self-drafted Hooded Top based on Burda 2014-03-119 + Altered RTW HiLo Skirt;

Size Used

Same as my last make – 36, as recommended by the size chart.

Changes Made

Fitting changes

Same as last time.

Design changes
  1. Removed the right hem flounce
  2. Changed the skirt shape from pegged to slight A-line

Fabric & Notions Used

  • Fabric: Polyester 93% Lycra 7% Floral Jersey from Minerva Crafts UK – pretty to look at & yucky to touch.
  • Lining: Nylon 80% Lycra 20% Power Mesh from Tia Knight / Tissu Fabrics UK – much nicer against the skin than the shell fabric despite both being synthetics.
  • Notions: 3/8” clear elastic as insurance agasint knit fabric shoulder straps stretching from the weight of the dress!
  • Tools: Corn starch! (for temporarily stiffening the jersey & tame the edge curling for easier sewing & handling)

Construction Notes

  • As with last time I back stitched the darts by hand for wave-free soft seaming & slip stitched the strap-binding closed (rather than top-stitch by machine).
  • This time because the shell fabric is thicker, instead of narrow seam & rolled hem, I went with normal overlocked seams & turn and twin-needle stitched hems.
  • Again, because the shell fabric isn’t as translucent, there’s no extra modesty layer.
  • The lining’s actually the same length as the shell, but maybe because of different drape of the fabric, the lining hangs lower. So thank goodness I chose a nicely contrasting lining that doesn’t mind flashing strangers!

The Verdict

Comfy if a bit boring by herself. But some days boring is good. And other days you take styling inspirations from the crazy fashion crowd or iconic historical heroines and entertain yourself if no one else!

But this Burda pattern still got stome mileage to go. I’ve already altered for a version without the cowl neck, hoping to fly closer to my JPG sun. Let’s hope the humongous resulting bust dart doesn’t send me crashing down into the sea!

4 comments on “Floral Burda 2012-04-128 Cowl Neck Dress

    • Thanks Lynn! Amazing what a bit of photo styling trickery can do for an outfit! 😉 Looks a bit twee to me in the mirror. But that’s OK. Somedays one just want comfy – twee or not!

  1. love it and great the way it can be styled in so many ways – completely changes the look with the hood top –

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