Me Made May ’15 – the finishing line


Yes! I’ve made it! Phew.

It was a bit of a struggle towards the end. May is a long month! I should have read the small prints of my MMM’15 Pledge! Wearing at least one a day wouldn’t have been difficult. But it’s always the paragraphs buried deep in the T&Cs that get you, even if its only self-imposed. Can’t possibly give up half way right?

  • Small print 1: Photo evidence every day please.
    This turned out harder than I expected. I got bored with bog standard selfies quite quickly. And unless it’s a useful mugshot it has to have entertainment value for me. Something interesting. Or beautiful. Or tells a story.
  • Small print 2: Drag every wearable MMs out of the closet. Spread the love a bit more evenly. No playing favorite.
    I’ve been a bad mother neglecting some of the MMs. Do you do that? I mean not just special occasion stuff that we knew from the start we weren’t going to wear much if at all. But also perfectly practical makes that just got forgotten going from one big stash (of the fabrics kind) into another big stash (of the Me-Made kind)? Fast Fashion of the Me-Made kind?

Now if you’ll excuse me I have a big pile of MMs to launder.

Me-Made last 15-sec of fame:

25 May: Top: McCall 6078, Skirt: Burda 2011-08-121, Cardi: self-drafted Dolce & Gabbana Wannabe;
26 May: Top: altered RTW, Skirt: self-drafted;
27 May: Top: Vogue Donna Karan 1282, Skirt: self-drafted pencil skirt;
28 May: Top: self-draped altered RTW, Dress: Burda 2012-04-128a;
29 May: Top: self-drafted wearble muslin, Skirt: self-drafted petticoat skirt;
30 May: Dress: self-draped Fortuny Delphos Wannabe, Cardi: modified Burda 2011-06-139;
31 May: Top: Vogue Genny 1390a Gigli Wannabe, Dress: Vogue Donna Karan 1159;

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4 comments on “Me Made May ’15 – the finishing line

  1. Loved seeing all your outfits, Pia. You have the most amazing style, and I thought your photos were so much fun! It was great seeing how you wear all the pieces you’ve shared here on the blog. Thanks for being so inspirational!

    • Thank you! Glad you find these inspiring. I hope you’ll try it yourself too – having fun with your me-mades and selfies 🙂

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