2013 Round Up

I wish I could join in with all the Top 5s you gals are posting. But this very first year-end-round-up of mine has turned out to be rather disappointing. I felt like I’ve been sewing a lot more this year. But really I only average just 1.25 finished project a month.Not really enough to have various Top 5s. Oh bother!

Garment types
1   Dress
7   Tops
2   Skirts
2   Sweaters
1   Jacket
1   Coat
1   Bag
15   Total
Pattern brands
9   Burda
3   McCall
2   Self drafted
1   Vogue

Do moulage, slopers, and dress form count?

Not that these would up my average much. But fingers crossed now that these have been sorted next year I’ll be much more productive. I’m hoping I’ll have enough to join in Me Made May 2014!

So which project has been the winner of 2013? There is no contest it’s this bag I finished in January. I use it almost every day. It even went on two holidays with me.

Self-drafted Tote

Runner up has to be the wrap sweater I finished while on holiday in the States. It goes with so many outfits so got a fair bit of wear as well. It too went on both of my holidays.

Franken BS 2011-06-139 Wrap Cardigans

Knit tops certainly was popular around here this year. That’s mostly thanks to my two tentative knit blocks. Two sleeveless cowl at the beginning of the year were based on version 1 developed from McCall last year.

The remaining 5 were based on version 2 developed from Burda this year.

This was the first year I’ve tried sweater knit. And although this mock turtle / cowl neck sweater hasn’t had a lot of wear yet, I like it well enough to make more in the future.

Franken BS 2013-02-121 Sweater

This is also the first time in decades that I’ve made clothing for someone else, and the first time ever that I’ve made children’s clothing.

M6501 A+E Dress for Tweeny NieceB9547 B Jacket for Tweeny Niece
Self-drafted Tiered Skirt for Tweeny Nieceneice-2neice-1

Hmm, that jacket is already looking wee bit tight. Then again, the pattern envelope shows it worn buttoned only at the top. Maybe it’s designed to be worn that way. Fingers crossed she’ll get a few more wears out them before she blossom into a lady.

Moving on…It’s a good thing I have some skirt blocks sorted now. I was most nproductive on the skirt front in 2013, yielding a meager one skirt at the beginning of the year. It was a good skirt though.

BS 2012-05-113 Draped Leopard Skirt

And the big production of the year – apart from the mouage and dress form – must be this wearable trench muslin. It was finished just in time as my RTW trench got a bit too stained and threadbare to be presentable.

M5525 D+E Trench

There’s still a few days left to the year. But I think I will not rush to whip up anything more. Instead I might try to get my slopers together over the non-working holidays. Then hopefully next year will be much more productive, even when I’m back at work. Pencil skirt sloper is almost there. I could always do a straight and an A-line one too. Then 2014 can be the year of the Skirts.

What about you? Any last minute sewing for the New Year’s Day partying? Already planning your 2014 sewing? I look forward to reading all about them on your blogs! (Or discussion forums if they’re your literary outlet of choice.)

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  1. Great list! And yes, darn it all, moulage, muslins and dress forms count. Goodness! How many of us sewistas MADE a dress form this year? Have a merry Christmas and a fabulous 2014!!!

  2. The trench is fabulous! I also love the skirt and the turtleneck. I think given the time you spent on your fabulous sloper, it was a year well worth it! Merry Christmas

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