TNT Trench Odyssey: Part 1 Inspirations & Pattern

So the trench. Well, it certainly has been long in the planning. In fact, a couple of years ago I wrote that “it has shot straight to the top of the sewing list” because of various items lost due to impractically shallow pockets of my RTW version. I’m sure you know by now to take my sewing plans with a pinch of salt: It didn’t happen then. But it most definitely is happening now.

And as we’ve already taken the scenic route, I thought I’d continue that glacial pace with piecemeal reports on the progress rather than one whopping review. Watching paint dry has never been more fun!

Inspirations & Pattern

Back in Sept 2011, I gushed about the Selfish Seamstress’ stylish renditions of the classic trench in delectable prints. If I may Mistress Selfish, here’s a preview of her fabulous results. Be sure to check out her blog for full technicolor details:

She used the ever popular but now Out-Of-Print McCall’s 5525. So I’m using the same as my starting point.

0-pattern_M5525-photos-de 0-pattern_M5525-tech-d 0-pattern_m5525-tech-e

I plan to make some tweaks because although the results look great on Selfish, the pattern envelop photos look slightly dowdy. Also, I want this to become my TNT pattern for trench – and I do intend to make more in the future. So time spent now to improve the fit will be well worth it.

The fabric I have in mind – a long in the tooth cotton twill from the stash – doesn’t have enough yardage for a full view E. Also I don’t want to emphasize my relatively wide shoulder. So I’ll probably end up combining views D & E.

One way I might be able to get view E length is to follow the example of this fabulous Louis Vuitton design from a while ago…


I got a yellow velvet and a brown paisley cut velvet that I can use for the extension. It might make the trench less versatile. But if I’ll be making more, then maybe one with a designer touch would make my wardrobe less boring!

One detail I’m definitely changing is the sleeve. M5525 comes with one-piece sleeve. Even my high-street RTW trench has two-piece sleeve for a supposedly better fit. Surely I can’t let RTW beat a me-made in fitting standards!

Stay tuned for the next installment!

0 comments on “TNT Trench Odyssey: Part 1 Inspirations & Pattern

  1. Ooooo!! I ripped that trench from Vogue, I think, and have totally forgotten about it! And don’t second guess that velvet…. Oh yes. The velvet must stay!

  2. I’ve had this pattern near the top of my sewing list for a few years too! Maybe these posts will inspire me to make this the year it actually happens!

    • I hope my long-winded journey won’t put you off instead! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Having looked at the reviews on Pattern Reviews it seems like it is possible to get great looking results without all the hassle I’m planning to put myself in. But life would be less interesting right?

  3. Trenches galore! I have 3 daughters and they all want trenches this year… and ofc I want one too… You are lucky you get to make them all for yourself! ~Laurie

      • Unfortunately no… I have a petite tiny 18 year old who weighs all of 90 pounds… a 5’8 shapely 16 year old… and a 5’4″ dancer- strong and lean… And myself. So, it will be 4 separate coats! One at a time. ME first! ๐Ÿ˜€

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