How to do Candy Floss Sweet

OK, so I’m a bit slow to the game. But Louis Vuitton Spring / Summer 2012 collection’s fashion show video still tickles my fancy. (Watch the video before it’s gone from their website!)

There are some things that seem a bit off from a Sewist’s point of view. Frabjous Couture wasn’t impressed by the poor pattern matching at the center front of Look 4 (the peach dress in the picture above). I find some of the silhouettes potentially lethal. If even the tall skinny models look a bit frumpy in Looks 6 & 11 what chance is there for mere mortals like us?

But the show itself is pure bliss. Cotton Candy Bliss!

And there are details I really like. There’s a graphical element to the designs that keeps them from being sickly sweet.

Like the broiderie anglaise in big graphical pattern. It’s funky, not tacky or matronly like some lace can be.

Same with the pairing of the lace and pastel croc leather.

Or embroidering over otherwise dowdy suiting.

And stiffer organza instead of limpy chiffon.

Plus plastic cut-out flowers that twinkle like little stars! Brilliant if impractical.

American Vogue had one of these twinkle flower dresses in a Mad Men style spread.

I swooned over it, which is why I got on the case and tracked these down so late in the SS 2012 season. But it’s fine by me. A lovely dress is a lovely dress is a lovely dress. My taste has no time table and answer to no Fashion Police! 🙂

Which is just as well. Because I rather like these ludicrous combination of hot pants and 3/4 sleeve tops!

All of these bring me back to sewing. Because I have this pink lace that has been in the stash of what must be 25 years. It was a present from my dad – he liked his women sweet. I had no idea what to do with it – I’m a New Yorker at heart, I don’t do sweet.

Now at least I have precedents to go by, even if this is not quite the right type of lace. I’ve got some cream organza ordered. But don’t hold your breath for results any time soon. These things have to gestate. So maybe another 25 years hence and you’ll see me wearing this lace alongside the lovely ladies at Advanced Style!

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