No straight walls for England & no straight lines for my sloper

Urgh. Sloper making is like DIY. Nothing’s ever straight!

I’ve been trying to even out the left-right bodices, and checking measurements against Big  Bertha every few minutes. But this is what I ended up with:

I mean how can it be that the bust line is not perpendicular to the CF? Everything seems to measure up alright. But this just doesn’t make sense.

And in the process Big Bertha has acquired a few more tattoos…

I tried drawing a few more guidelines to help me with the measurement. Problem is getting them level and straight. I tried using a DIY spirit level. But of course with all her curves it’s impossible to get a straight line going round her body. What looks straight from the front (the chest level lines) looked slanted from the side (higher at CF than at the side). Urgh.

So, tommorrow, Plan B:

I’m starting from scratch. I’m going to try Connie Crawford’s custom draping sloper making method. I got these really old pattern-making nonwoven interfacing I can use. It’s lined with 1″ squares. I’m hoping that will help keep my future bustline and CF squared.

Wish me luck!

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