Searching for The One, The Perfect T-Shirt One

Burda Style 2011-06-120

It’s still gray and dreary in London. So no picture update on La Chemise.

In the meanwhile I’ve started plotting the next assignation. I thought it’s about time I have a reliable block for a well-fitted T-Shirt. Shouldn’t be difficult right? Burda Style June 2011 had a T-Shirt that looked just  about right. A deeper scoop. Get rid of the back zipper – why would anyone need a zipper on a T-shirt I would never know – it’s not even a feature!!!???

I traced out the pattern – this time taking care
to recheck my measurement and pick the right size. Then I compared it to a Victoria’s Secret T I had which fitted quite well.

Surprise surprise. Burda pattern is like way too big! Going by the front alone it’s like 1″ wider each side – that’s 4″ wider at the bust. The armhole is lower / bigger. So how does it look so fitted on the model? Answer on a postcard please.

So what do I do? Go with the pattern? Go with a T I already know fits me? I’m inclined to go with the latter. That’s how I end up with all these improv patterns. Why do the pattern companies insist on frumpy proportions? Sigh. Maybe I should google around to see if anyone’s tried this pattern with any  success.

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