Making a Cling Film (& Tape!) Moulage

I first read about the cling film method of creating Fitting Shell Blocks/Slopers on Fashion Incubator’s website. Fashion Incubator’s original instruction: Saran Warp Pattern Making Method: overview + supply list Saran Warp Pattern Making Method: wrapping + usage instruction By that point I had already made my latest Blocks the long-winded way with lots of […]

Tunic Block (or Going Dartless)

As no machine sewing could done the whole of December, I prepared a couple of projects from SWAP batch 1 that required knitting which I did in the living room. First on the conveyor belt is Cowl-Neck A-line Sweater the Second. Cowl-Neck A-Line Sweater The First was a franken-patterned Burda 013-02-121. While it’s wearable, there’s room for […]