Custom Dress Form v2.0: part 4

As you’ve already met Q, let’s get straight down to business shall we. Most of the following steps are a hodgepodge of Suzanne Stern‘s couture dress form customization instruction on Threads Archive DVD (issues 44, 45, 48) and Wolf Forms production process article again on  Threads Archive DVD (issue 141) and the How It’s Made […]

A year older a tad younger

Last week I finally made the pilgrimage to the Queen’s brassiere, Rigby & Peller, for a bra-fitting after reading about Karen’s experience on Did You Make That like over a year ago. I meant to go sooner. But I know I’d only trust the branches that are in the snootier part of town, and I […]

Brooding & Plotting

I know I know. I said  I was going  to stop fiddling with the Moulage. But I can’t help it. Especially not with the ladies at Artisan Square egging me on! 😉 So I’ve been experimenting with different ‘sway back’ type adjustments and different grain placements post bending the grainline in places with those ‘sway […]