Update on Lambswool Interlining

Artisan Square didn’t fail me. The lovely Ann (winner of the first Great British Sewing Bee) offered these advice on working with lambswool interlining:

  • “You don’t  need to preshrink it – it’s not suitable for use in anything that’s going to be laundered.”
  • “It will take heat and steam that you would use on wool, but shouldn’t need much.”
  • “It’s a knit – treat it as such.”
  • “Don’t stretch it at all when pressing – use a light touch just to smooth it if necessary.”

See the full discussion thread at Artisan Square.

The discussion also confirmed that this one from Bergen Tailors & Cleaners Supply Corp in the US is the real deal. It has thin open criss-cross threads that runs diagonally and thick fluffy threads that run length-wise. It’s stretchy in one direction (cross-wise), but stable in the other direction (length-wise). Someone else identified another US source for it, but this one is a bit more expensive. 

Meet up in NYC?

London Meet up Spring 2013 organised by House of Pinheiro

…which I missed 🙁     (Photo Credit: Houser of Pinheiro)

I’m totally gutted that I missed last last Saturday’s London Sewist Massive Meet-Up. Judging by Did You Make That and the Sewing Princess‘ blogs, it was a total blast. My biggest mistake it seems was not being subscribed to the organiser’s blog (House of Pinheiro) yet. (Thanks Google, for making it difficult to keep on top of my blog subscriptions with your threat of impending Google Reader retirement.)

That and having a doctor’s appointment booked for the day. Bummer.

With that in mind, I’m posting advanced notice that I will be visiting NYC June 6-11 (Thursday – Tuesday). Anyone free to meet up for sewing chat, fabric shopping, gossip, whatever? Email me at piackdy(at)gmail(dot)com if you’re up for meeting up! (Sorry for the inconvenient email address format – trying to keep spambots at bay.)


Pattern mug shots

mugshot-bg-2If you’ve read my pattern reviews before you’d know I’m big on mug shots. I wish everyone post them. I find them really useful when deciding to go for a pattern or not.

I’m very glad Vogue & Butterick seem to have started showing mug shots for their new patterns – at least on their websites if not the pattern envelope. Now they just need to get the model’s hair out of the way, and maybe choose plain fabric in colors that would really show up the style lines! But it’s a step in the right direction in my book.

Doesn’t entirely replace the pattern review communities like Pattern Reviews, Burdastyle, or sewing blogs of course. Fit models are still models with unrepresentative body shapes. Seeing examples of a design on different people really brings the pattern to life. And frequently you get great ideas from their different creative interpretations of the same pattern. But it’s good to see pattern companies taking note of online trends.

What about you? What would cinch the deal for you when it comes to pattern selection? (For a project that is. I know I’m not the only one to collect patterns just because I can!)

Finished at last! Bar a few finishing touches.

No, not a new make. That would be too much to expect.

Rather, it’s my new ‘sunny’ happy sewing room. ‘Sunny’ in quote because it’s actually not a sunny room, being north-facing in gloomy London. But the colors are certainly cheerful. Reminds me of sunny Mexico or Mediterranean.

Here it is with my new Horn Eclipse cabinet all set up. Well, sort of. I’m still trying to figure out where to place the overlocker for a comfortable serging. And wondering if I can squeeze an embroidery machine in there somehow. Not that I have one yet. But one can always dream…

Here it is with the cabinet closed…

It’s a shame that with all the furniture in place, my back-breaking paint work is all but covered up. That’s like 10 layers of color-wash and varnishes on the walls and ceilings!

Here it is before the furniture all went back to their corners…

That lovely band of aqua color-wash is as inviting as a pool under the hot sun. Even if I don’t swim I still want to jump into it.

The woodwork have been glazed over with cream-tinted clear varnish to remedy my mistake of getting paint a shade too dark.

I’ve since found out from the experts that when you choose a medium to dark shade on a paint color stripe card, you should go with a shade lighter than the one that you think you want from the card. That’s because when you go from a small swatch to a big wall, the color intensifies and it will appear darker than the small swatch you chose from.

But I quite like the end result anyway. It reminds me of rustic glazed tiles. Damn, now I feel like a margarita!

And here’s a reminder of my inspiration for this cheery color scheme…

And here’s a reminder of what it looked like before…

Not the best picture, but you can still see the rather plain Jane Shaker color scheme. Most definitely time for a change!

OK, now I run out of excuse for not sewing.

Oh boy! A present. A Very Big Present!

Yeah! My Horn Eclipse sewing cabinet is here. Unfortunately my sewing room is not ready to welcome it.

Six coats of paint on the ceiling & four on the walls later and I’m still not finish with the decorating. My arm is not exactly happy either. Probably should have tested the colors & techniques first. But I just didn’t have the patience.

Bright but boring after coat 2:

Hmmm… Looking rather Lemony after coat 3:

Ceiling looking like a cheesy Italian restaurant after coat 6:

Then I ran out of glaze medium, so couldn’t finish the walls,
even if the arm were willing – which it wasn’t.

So the Eclipse is now waiting in the hallway:

Hopefully I’ll get the painting done this weekend. So no sewing for a while 🙁