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mugshot-bg-2If you’ve read my pattern reviews before you’d know I’m big on mug shots. I wish everyone post them. I find them really useful when deciding to go for a pattern or not.

I’m very glad Vogue & Butterick seem to have started showing mug shots for their new patterns – at least on their websites if not the pattern envelope. Now they just need to get the model’s hair out of the way, and maybe choose plain fabric in colors that would really show up the style lines! But it’s a step in the right direction in my book.

Doesn’t entirely replace the pattern review communities like Pattern Reviews, Burdastyle, or sewing blogs of course. Fit models are still models with unrepresentative body shapes. Seeing examples of a design on different people really brings the pattern to life. And frequently you get great ideas from their different creative interpretations of the same pattern. But it’s good to see pattern companies taking note of online trends.

What about you? What would cinch the deal for you when it comes to pattern selection? (For a project that is. I know I’m not the only one to collect patterns just because I can!)

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  1. ceejay says:

    Oh likewise! It’s a major part of decision making. Plus it’s great to evaluate fabric choices. I remain in awe of your productivity and many others – I am so slow in comparison.

    • LOL. My Mom used to say to me “If you have to sew for a living you’d starve”. And have you read about the coat that took me a decade to finish?

      I have been trying a bit harder to finish projects. Keeping a blog was part of the motivational strategy. And choosing simpler projects also helps. Just wait until I start making jackets – the tumbleweed will be rolling all over this blog!

  2. Totally agree! I find it useful to see a pattern on different body types, so that I can check before engaging in the whole process: will it fit my body shape? It’s true also that you can see very different adaptations of the same pattern and it’s always extremely inspiring!

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