Meet up in NYC?

London Meet up Spring 2013 organised by House of Pinheiro

…which I missed 🙁     (Photo Credit: Houser of Pinheiro)

I’m totally gutted that I missed last last Saturday’s London Sewist Massive Meet-Up. Judging by Did You Make That and the Sewing Princess‘ blogs, it was a total blast. My biggest mistake it seems was not being subscribed to the organiser’s blog (House of Pinheiro) yet. (Thanks Google, for making it difficult to keep on top of my blog subscriptions with your threat of impending Google Reader retirement.)

That and having a doctor’s appointment booked for the day. Bummer.

With that in mind, I’m posting advanced notice that I will be visiting NYC June 6-11 (Thursday – Tuesday). Anyone free to meet up for sewing chat, fabric shopping, gossip, whatever? Email me at piackdy(at)gmail(dot)com if you’re up for meeting up! (Sorry for the inconvenient email address format – trying to keep spambots at bay.)


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  1. I’m in NY and always happy to meet up! I’ll shoot you an email…

    I’m kinda bummed that I was in London when the epic NY meet up happened and then I was back in NY for the London one. Cruel irony!

    • What’s the saying now….To miss one is unfortunately, to miss two is just plain careless! 😉

      I will most definitely take up on your offer. Let’s hope work doesn’t have you jetting off somewhere else when I’m in town!

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