Mwahahaha…I feel a plan hatching

Phew, glad those project write-ups are done. What a Herculean task they were. My arms nearly fell off.

Herculean task for you to read as well I bet! That’s why I break them up with headings and pictures and bullet points: so that it’s easier to skip any bits that are coma-inducing! I apologize for going into tedious details. I hope sharing my rationale, trials & errors, learnings will be useful to some of you. And maybe the experts amongst you might also suggest other / better ways to solve the same problems.

Next up: finish planning my NYC shopping trip. I’m miffed that MR will be going on a business trip as soon as our return flight landed. That means I can’t sequester half his luggage space for fabrics. Poo. So I got to plan really carefully. Hmm, I wonder if I can turn one fabric into a makeshift poncho and wear onboard so I can get them all home…

Anyway, to help me plan, I’m actually trying a SWAP. I sort of did with the Summer sewing. But it was like throwing random stuff onto the moodboard & Pin the Donkey type plan. So many didn’t actually get made. In fact, many didn’t even have a design. Just a fabric swatch & random bunch of inspiration.


This time I’m going to be more disciplined and try to identify a pattern or at least finalize a design for each swatch. And even visualize them with my croquis. I found the Year of The Skirts sketches quite useful for keeping me somewhat focused. Heather Lou of Closet Case Files recently refer to my blog as “Overwhelming Stash”. I laughed of course. It was clearly a typo, but actually quite spot on. I am getting a bit overwhelmed by my now 300 piece and some 800+ yard stash! If I don’t have a plan I’ll be paralyzed. (Don’t you even dare mention a diet!)

A clearer plan would also help me identify all the missing supporting casts that I might need to get in NYC. Stars don’t like to admit it, but without the rest of the crew the project ain’t going to happen. And it’s not always possible to find the right supporting cast in London. I guess UK is just too small a market for affordable niche suppliers, even for online ones. Thank god more Scots voted against making it even smaller. (Raised an American, of course I’d think UK should go the USA way, with a balance of power between the Regions/States & central/federal government! Devolution for England, Wales, Northern Ireland & Scotland please! But let’s keep the single market so niche-niche tastes have at least a teeny bit of chance to get some needs met.)

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  1. I really appreciate that you took the time to write the posts about your pattern drafting process. It was incredibly informative and helpful. Thank you!

    • You’re very welcome! Glad to be of use. I may be no expert – hence no tutorials. But I think we can all still learn from each other if we keep and open mind, try different techniques out to see what works for us, and learn from each other’s success & mistakes.

  2. Pregnancy has been the perfect time to sew down my stash, or at least to sew things as fast as I can buy them. But yes, analyzing what you have so you can plan your shopping is always a good idea!

    • And Mommyhood will only make you even more efficient! Will you be indoctrinating your little one whether a boy or a girl? Have you started reading him/her on various sewing techniques?

  3. Grace says:

    I hear you! My stash is getting rather out of control. And my sewing ability is nowhere near as advanced as yours! But hey, if fabric is your passion, go for it 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you create next.

    • Which reminds me, I should update my Will to make sure I get swathed in my leftover stash instead of a coffin! Not even death would I & my stash part 😉

  4. Have fun shopping in New York – slightly jealously green over here. I’m glad the vote went the way it did & agree with you re the Federal idea, surely it’s the way to go. Looking forward to seeing your purchases.

    • Oh yeah I’m lucky. But I’m always amazed by the goodies you feature in your projects. Maybe I just don’t know where to shop in the UK. Or maybe you’re just much better at finding the right projects to showcase your fabrics! 🙂

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