Speaking of pockets…

…What is it with Burda and in seam pockets that are stitched to the dress fronts? Like these from recent issues…

Sporty / funky patch pockets I get. Discreet lady-like in-seam pockets I also get. These I don’t get. It rather ruins the drape of otherwise classy / funky dresses.

“Home made” comes to mind. And not in the flattering sense of the word šŸ™

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  1. LOL. I did made a booboo recently and ended up with an inseam pocket hanging towards the back. But Burda’s trick wouldn’t have fixed it – an inseam zipper and lining would have gotten in the way.

    I had thought they were trying to save fabric by using the front of the dress as one side of the pocket. But it doesn’t seem to be the case – 2 pieces to each pocket. And a recent step by step instruction in the mag seems perfectly sensible until they unnecessarily stitch the completed pocket to the front.

    I’m putting this one down to bizarre German taste! šŸ™‚

  2. Are they afraid we will get confused and put them toward the back of the body and walk like stick models with our hands facing the back of our hips?

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