Changing tack

Is it March already? Blogging mojo obviously hasn’t returned. Life’s been too overwhelming – I’ve given in to the middle age slump. The only way to get things going is to take my perfectionism down a notch.

It’s a bit silly I know – this self-imposed blogging perfectionism. But I don’t think I’m the only one who finds it hard to let down the readers – however few or many there are – once the initial blogging enthusiasm fades. I tried to include in my posts details that I would find useful and inspiring if I were the reader. The hardest bits are the illustrations. I’m not brilliant with the camera. I can never get clear photos of patterns and alterations without resorting to drawing programs. My day job requires a lot of mouse work as well, so I’m beginning to get RSI wrist pains. This makes it harder to keep up the pattern & alteration illustrations. The mug shots and style shots also take a bit of effort and I haven’t mustered the enthusiasm to dress up lately. Perhaps they’re not as useful to other people as they are to me. Still, once you set up a standard it can be hard to let go.

But lowering the standard I must if I’m to get anything done. I may go back & update project posts when the enthusiasm returns. And if there are any particular projects you’d like more details of, please leave a request via the post comments & I’ll prioritise updating those posts.

Finally, thanks for stopping by & reading my blog. I’m not very social by nature, so haven’t been expressive of my gratitude. But I do really appreciate your continuing readership!

8 comments on “Changing tack

  1. Kristin P says:

    When I see that you have posted a new entry, it is usually the first one I click on! The things I like about your blog are:
    -your personal style, and how you stay true to your own vision, which I find refreshingly different from a lot of other blogs and style outlets
    -the way you share your process, from the concept through the fitting and construction, to the finished garment and your analysis
    -that you photograph different styling options of how you might wear your handmade clothes
    -fabric stash posts! (Aka–shopping vicariously)
    -your integrity!
    I don’t blog myself, but I often think about the amount of effort that goes into it, and I would never judge you for having to adjust your blog to suit your life! However in-depth you choose to be with your future writing and sharing, I will happily and appreciatively continue to read.

  2. Kellyt says:

    I love your blog and find the topics you choose interesting and helpful. I enjoy your more technical comments and creative curiosity. I will enjoy reading about your sewing journey whenever you have time to share! Thanks so much for your time, please keep sharing.

  3. I always perk up when one of your posts comes thru on my blog feed. I get such a big kick out of your sense of humor! I would follow you even if you were writing about auto maintenance; it’s twice as fun because you write about one of my favorite hobbies.

  4. Lynn says:

    I sympathize with the paralysis of perfectionism. I have struggled with this also 🙂 I very much enjoy your blog and have learned a lot from your posts. Please keep posting as much as you feel you want to.

  5. Love your blog. You put so much effort into your posts and illustrate all your blog posts so well. I very much appreciate all that effort. But don’t stress if you can’t.

  6. Susan says:

    I devour every morsel of your comprehensive posts and absolutely appreciate all the fitting details you provide. However, as the others have said, you’ve set yourself a very high standard, so don’t wear yourself out, as I’m sure we’d love whatever you write.

  7. cejay says:

    HI Pia,
    I went down a knitting rabbit hole and am still digging around in that warren, so I’m reading fewer sewing blogs. But I still read yours enthusiastically every time it appears. I have never ceased to be impressed by your fitting adventures and the generosity with which you blog about them. Do feel free to lower your blogging standards from the dizzy heights you have climbed, but I hope you keep blogging 🙂

  8. Dear Pia, You are a warm, friendly and generous person. I appreciate your blog and read every post. But your level of perfectionism may make others think it is produced by a whole team of professionals! You set very high standards for yourself. Do feel free to drop them if it suits you. With love, Kate xxx

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