Can’t do without…flatbed sewing set-up

I notice a lot of sewing bloggers I follow have very simple machine-on-table sewing set-up. Many are advanced sewers. Which leaves me thinking maybe my sewing skill just ain’t up to scratch. You see, I can’t seem to sew straight if I don’t have a flatbed set-up – ie large surface around the machine that is the same level as the machine sewing surface.

setup_flat-bed-sewing For my sewing machine, I got a sewing cabinet which has adjustable platform for flatbed & free-arm sewing, as well as hiding the machine away when not in use. For my overlocker I’ve had to improvise with stacks of books for now as there isn’t space for more sewing cabinet!

But now there’s a chance that we might move abroad because of MR’s work, I’m considering getting portable flatbed extension tables. There’s a couple that I’m drooling over…

Sew Steady “Wish Table” Portable Sewing Machine Extension

Shame this one isn’t adjustable for different machine shapes like this one below…

What about you? Do you love flatbed sewing or managed to do without just fine?

And a couple more distractions…

  1. I finally change Q’s feet so she won’t run away from me as I stick pins into her while draping / fitting. I’ve had to replace all four castor wheels as the new ones with locks aren’t the same height as the old ones.
  2. My pattern-drafting / cutting tool drawer was getting a bit unwieldy. So I finally got a couple of cutlery drawer inserts to keep things in place. Sadly the inserts are a bit chunky & not adjustable, so there now less room for stuff. But at least I can find the bits I need when I need them…for now.

OK, better get back to my furry projects. I could really do with some of those surgical masks that everyone in the Far East wear. I’m choking on the fine mohair bits flying everywhere as I cut & sew!

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