Needle Bulk-Pack sources

A couple of you asked where I bought my needle bulk-packs. I’m not particularly loyal I’m afraid. I’d Google & Amazon & Ebay for the best price & convenience for a particular order. The two shops I’ve used when buying in bulk are:

Both offers free shipping to continental US for order $20+. ( has $20 minimum order policy.) Both takes international order on their website. currently has a 10% off first order offer using coupon/voucher code “firstorder“.

For this particular order World Weidner worked out cheaper & more convenient because they had all the needles I wanted. It still was a big chunk of money, but cheaper than if I bought the 490 needles the usual way. My subtotal was $388.92, minus discount $38.89, plus international shipping $23.80. The final total was $373.83 (£237.85) or 76¢ (49p) per fancy needle. Yeah, I got lucky this time. I was expecting a hefty customs charge + 20% VAT (sales tax) + handling fee. But luckily the Post Office didn’t asked for any & I wasn’t about to argue with them! 😀

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