Poor me, Poor little old me :'(

Remember this Yeehaw Tiered Skirt I made for my niece?


Self-drafted Tiered Skirt for Tweeny Niece

Well, I finally decided to make an adult version for myself with the leftover fashion fabric. I was hoping to finish it in time for my family reunion trip back at the end of March. I didn’t make it in time. Which was just as well since my niece brought the dress I made her, but not the skirt.

And I’m glad I didn’t rush. Not every project have a rosy ending. Especially when you’re making it up as you go along. I would have ended up with a mess that I couldn’t pull up over my hip. I just finished it tonight. So you’ll have to wait for photo. Which may be a while. Because I’m still on the fence about the result, despite having fixed the too-small-opening problem.

But can I just moan about not having enough fabric for a minute or two? I know I’m an addict & I know my stash is spilling over everywhere. But seriously, I regret not buying enough of the fabric I used for Little Miss’ Yeehaw Skirt. Not the faux suede cut lace mind you. No, it’s the lining that had me shed a tear. A polyester lining at that.

But the color. The luscious golden Color! The ray of sunshine that brightens too many gloomy London days. It’s an orange with a difference. I couldn’t believe how difficult it is to replace. I went back to the same fabric store a year later and that shade of orange is gone. Replaced by dull imposters. I then searched high & low, and splurged on some supposedly better bemberg from Bernstein & Banleys (aka The Lining Company). But none of these fancy linings hold a candle to the cheap & cheerful original, which has a lovely golden sheen & is more opaque than the dress-weight bemberg I got.

20140412_165941I couldn’t believe how hard it is to match such a simple shade. Let that be a lesson to you and me: If you find a fabric you love, buy more. Buy lots more of it. S*d the stash diet! You only live once!

I hope Little Miss wore her version more than once. Oh what sacrifice I make for her! 😉


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  1. Ah, goldenrod! Mustard! The color of the year, and now impossible to find MATCHING THREAD for. Now I prowl shops with dusty racks, hoping they haven’t cleared it out, to go with the yardage I stashed. Kids, buy matching thread immediately!!!

  2. I completely agree about buying lots of the fabric you like! There’s a particular bemberg lining that is cross-woven in olive green and yellow. It has the most a-MAZE-ing sheen and colours and I regret not purchasing the entire bolt! 😀

    • Problem is sometimes it takes a while for the love to really sink in. At least for me. By which time the fabric (and many other things besides…like shoes) is long gone. Add to that the problem that I like to get my fabrics in NYC, a good 6+ hours & few hundred pounds away. Sob.

      Have you got photos of your bemberg on your blog?

      • I don’t think so – I’ve used it all up lining skirts that never got photographed or blogged. And sometimes the “life” in a fabric is soooo hard to capture properly in a photo.

    • Thank you! Probably cuter on girls & younger women. My OH is objecting to the shortness + puffiness of mine :@)

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