Money Money Money – lining for the bankers?

Money Money Money - lining from Bernstein & Banleys, aka The Lining Company

The photo is from Bernstein & Banleys, aka The Lining Company’s Facebook page. This financial time print rayon twill lining is indeed on their website. (There are also a couple with pound + dollar notes for the more literal minded!) Very tempted. I’ve always liked newsprint as a visual pattern.

I also like some of the other funky prints. There’s one of shear & threads. The London cityscape drawing is quite cute too. But oh so expensive at £35.40/m! You indeed need to be a banker to afford these don’t you!

Supposedly they supply the Savile Row tailors. No wonder the hefty prices for most lining. You’d have to go 10m+ to get more affordable quantity pricing. And that’s on the plainer linings. Should I or shouldn’t I…drool…

Anyone know much about lining weights as measured in “glm”? What range “glm” is good for what application – dress, jacket, coat, etc?




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  1. I’m with you on the interesting linings. I confess that I don’t use them very much – haven’t figured out why – but they do make garments that little extra special that only we sewistas can do!!

    • Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever used any interesting lining fabric to date. I’ve always been too cheap. It’s hard to justify linings that’s more expensive than the shell fabric itself. Maybe when I eventually sew up my more expensive stash (in my 80s) then I’ll splash out on expensive lining to match! :@)

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