Sewing for a Tweeny niece

Hmm, I seem to be suffering a post-holiday lull in my sewing. Or more precisely in my blogging.

I did finish 3 knit tops I had already cut out before going on holiday. But they were all basically wearable muslins – testing out my Knit Top Block in different sleeve variations with fabrics from my stash that I feel iffy about &  willing to sacrifice to experiments. So I’m not feeling inspired to take photos and report on them.

Instead, I’m planning on my next projects…These will have to be stuff for my 11-year-old niece before she outgrows the measurements I took!

It’s a bit crazy really – volunteering to make her clothing. She’s not yet cloth obsessed. Their household is comfortable enough that they can buy some nice clothing. There seems to be plenty of fun RTW already. She lives far far away. All of which means that what I make may not be that exciting for her or even fit well. But the fabrics & patterns have been bought. So I’m determined to get my money’s worth!

Here’s the plan:


Shortened McCall 6501 view E dress with sleeves from view A
in this black floral net with magenta lycra knit underlining/lining.

jacket-fabric jacket-pattern

Burda 9547 view A jacket
in faux suede with gold dots and golden orange lining.

skirt-pattern skirt-top-fabric

Burda 9547 view E skirt
in faux suede cut lace and golden orange lining / underlining.

I can’t decide whether to attach the bottom tier to the hem of the top tier or have each tier’s hem free floating like this:


What would you go for?

I also want to make a tunic top in the same fabric to go with the skirt that can be worn tucked in or not. But I haven’t found a pattern yet. Any suggestions?

And those of your with Tweeny daughters, do these plans scream Unhip Aunty?

I need Tweeny opnions!

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  1. Oooo.. They all look good, speaking from the point of view of having 2 tweens in my house. The jacket will surely get a lot of wear, and the magenta underlining on that dress is such a pretty colour. I’d leave the tiers free-floating on the skirt. I think it would be super pretty in that lacey suede and look better than the attached tiers, IMHO. Have fun!

    • Thanks very much for you encouragement! I also posted the question on Sewing Review and the ladies there were scaring me a bit with their stories of picky Tweenies! LOL.

      I think I will press on with these. Even if she doesn’t wear them I’d be happy that she know she has an aunt who can sew. Maybe in a few years time she’ll come to me with projects she’d like. My other half won’t let me sew for him at all.

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