The Dog Ate My Homework

Well hello there people. Long time no post. I just started a new job and joined the gym for the very first time in my life. So free time is hard to come by lately.

And how should I spend it? Blogging more excuses why I got no new sewing projects to show OR shut up and get sewing? I decided you might enjoy it better with more action and less talk.

The Good News:


I’ve finished 3 projects, all from the Psychedelic Leopard turquoise knit.

(Hello there Anne aka Pretty Grievances! BTW have you checked out March Burda? There’s a page dedicated to you – even if they’re like 2 months late for Jungle January.)


The Bad News:

I just finished the 3 projects late last night. Or is that early this morning. So you won’t get any Show-N-Tell until next week – what with short London winter days and working 9 to 5 (or 9:30 to 6pm more like).

Suffice it to say for now, I wasn’t able to squeeze a long sleeve wrap top on top of the Donna Karan Vogue Pattern 1282 cowl-neck top and Burdastyle Magazine 2012-05-113 skirt out of the 2+ yard fabric. That was always a bit too ambitious I guess. But I did manage another sleeveless cowl-neck top based on modified McCall 6078 view C. I also have a biggish scrap left which I’m debating on whether to turn into a scarf or not.

And Oops, I seem to have broken my Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 830 sewing machine in the process.


Thankfully with unreasonably high top thread tension (7) and a noise cancelling headphone, I just about managed to finish these 3 projects on the machine.

So here’s a question for you:

If your fancy smancy machine broke out of warrantee, would you bother taking it to a local dealer for fixing / servicing? Or would you take a screw-driver to it and see if you can fix it yourself? (DH not an option as my DOH doesn’t do DIY!)

I’ve read a few horror stories about getting Husqvarna machines fixed, so I don’t know if it’s worth paying the price to get no working machine for weeks and months on end.

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  1. try this forum. someone else must have had the same problem. if this forum doesn’t have the answer try another. i just typed in husqvarna forums and came up with this one. also try googling the problem as a question and see what happens. i.e. “why does the bobbin thread tension tighten on my husqvarna saphire when i fly through the air on my bicycle?” and then i would also try it myself. good luck.

    • Thank you for the tip. Will try these forums. Just out of curiosity I was going to open the hood. But unfortunately it uses unusual screws in hard to reach places. Boohoo. Maybe I’ll pray harder that it’ll fix itself.

  2. Naomi says:

    I’d take it to a reputable repair shop. I wouldn’t want to cause any futher damage. So sorry your machines not working. I own two older Viking machines and love them both.

  3. Carol Webster says:

    I have a Husqvarna SE Ltd Edition which refuses to sew and I too cannot justify the expense of fixing it. I bought on ebay a pfaff 260 (good embroidery stitches) and runs like a train, plus a singer 306 and a featherweight – they never let me down and to be honest I dont really miss the Husqvarna but I don’t think I would be brave enough to take a screwdriver to an electronic!

    • What did you do with your broken Husqvarna?

      I’m thinking if it’s going to be useless anyway, I might as well crack it open and see what’s inside. What’s the worse that can happen? It’s not like I’ll be voiding the warranty. Worse case scenario I’ll have to buy a new machine. Best case scenario I knock the d*** thing back into shape. 🙂

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