Lost in Transit

I’m not a happy bunny today. Fabrics I ordered for my sloper fitting (and more) have gone MIA (Missing In Action).

And you know how I feel about fabrics. At work I was asked to introduce myself to a new team and one of the questions was your “interests / hobbies / what makes you tick.” I was going to write “sewing”. But on further thought, I have to admit’s it’s really “fabrics”.  Selfish as it may seem, if I get hit by a bus tomorrow, I think I’d want to be buried with all my unused fabrics. All 200+ pieces of them.

So this order was placed online a month ago with Calico Lane. They looked like a legitimate shop and claimed they’ve sent out part of the order three weeks ago. But fact is I’ve received nothing. And I guess being a small business, they’re not set up to refund me promptly. So I’ll be out of pocket probably for another couple of weeks – they’re waiting for the Post Office to reimburse them before they’re able to reimburse me.

I guess that’s the peril of internet shopping. Time to get my lazy self down to Goldhawk Road or even venture out to Walthamstow for some instant gratification. Cargo Cult Craft has compiled a handy guide to sewing supply shopping in London. And I’ll be checking out Did You Make That’s guide to her favourite fabric shops in Walthamstow as well.

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