The Ultimate Commitment-Phobe Dress

Dream dress of my life?

As a fashion commitment-phobe I jumped on the band wagon as soon as I saw Victoria Secret’s various convertible dresses. I got about 3.

And now convertible dresses fester on the internet. I won’t get into the debate of who came up with the idea first. But I’ve  just found a tutorial on making your own convertible dress

…and a video tutorial for how to turn it into the various styles shown…

Apparently not…

To be honest, it’s good for photo shoots where you can hide a multiple of sins with clips and tapes and clever angle. In real life the dress is a bit of a failure. I never did manage to wear it different ways. All the twisting techniques makes you  feel like a sausage – it’s just too bulky even with the slinky material. And if you look at the video you’ll see that most styles will require that strategic double-sided tape if you don’t want to do a wardrobe malfunction (aka Janet Jackson).

So, I’m considering butchering my VS convertible dresses and commit them to one style each. Sometimes one good one is worth a hundred different mediocre ones! I thought I’d never said that.

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