Next on the chopping block?

Now the taffeta skirt is out of the way (or I’ve had enough of it anyway), what next?

One Night Wonders

I should really just follow one of the store-bought patterns. I’m in awe of self-taught sewers who manage to whip up something fabulous in a few hours from these home sewing patterns. I think the Selfish Seamstress and Alision C are guilty as charged. I’m sure there are others, it’s just that I haven’t caught them in the act (of bragging about it!) Mine always takes days, even for very simple stuff. As my mom said, I’d starve if I sew for a living. Anyway, it would probably up the chance of something being finished in time for the British (non-)Summer.

But I’m gravitating elsewhere…What usually inspire me are magazine clippings which presumably I’d need to make up patterns for. (My imagination doesn’t stretch beyond the dowdy images you see on pattern envelopes – much to my dismay.)

At the moment there are also some fabrics I’d really like to wear, but can’t quite decide on shape or form. Commitment phobia again. Usually what I do is take them out, drape them on, let the imagination run wild, then promptly put them back into the boxes until next time. They’re so full of possibilities uncut… Maybe that’s why I’m always weary of making dresses and instead veer towards 2-piece. That way at least some of the potentials remain. But sometimes dresses look nicer. Ahy decisions decisions!

So here are the candidates…

Ms Jersey Print

Ms Pomegranate Chiffon

Ms Flesh Chiffons

Ms Floral Habotai

Contestant 1 Ms Jersey Print

I wish the pattern were diagonal. Then I could have knocked off the Selfish Seamstress’ Last Dress.

But it’s regular as Swiss clockwork and I’m at a loss. When I saw it at the fabric store I had paired it with a blood red jersey. But my shopping trips nowadays are mad chaotic rush on short trips to NYC and inevitably means hard choices had to be made to fit them all into the luggage. The red jersey got cut, this one didn’t. But I’m not sure it is any good without its partner in crime.

I might still do a Diane Von Furstenberg style wrap dress. Am waiting for more live examples of Burda Blumarine (BS 2011-06-139) before deciding whether to go with Vogue 8379. The Burda Blumarine looks good on voluptuous Christina on Assorted Notions. But I haven’t got the rack to fill it out, so might look like the Kabuki man.

Funnily enough, I have a piece of fabric just like hers, which I was originally thinking of doing a wrap dress as well. But I might do something old school Jean-Paul Gaultier or a sleeveless cowl neck top instead.

Regardless of which one I go with I’ll be checking out these tips from Pattern Review of an original DvF pattern from the 70s to hopefully get her glam look.

Contestant 2 Ms Pomegranate Chiffon

This silky number I had for so long that the moths got to it first 🙁 I love love LOVE the color. But I can’t decide whether to do a slip dress, a scarf, and/or an evening jacket / warp. I only have 1-7/8 yard of the 43″ wide fabric. So it’s pretty tough choosing.

Contestant 3 Ms Flesh Chiffons

CdG SS 91

CdG SS 91 detail

I recently got into a fleshy phase. My last shopping trip was at least half flesh color. Yes, it can be a bit provocative. But style it right I think you can avoid looking trashy. Plus I needed slip dresses to wear under other chiffony numbers. Like the Comme des Garcons Spring-Summer 1991 stained glass dress I had from way-back-when which doesn’t get much wear because it’s too immodest.

But having drapped it two-tone-doubled as a one-shoulder dress, now I’m wavering about wasting them on boring slip dresses.

Contestant 4 Ms Floral Habotai

My mom gave me this so I guess it’s somewhat vintage. It’s absolutely gorgeous. And isn’t floral in this summer? (Or have I missed the boat by a few months?)

But again, I can’t decide. It’s so floaty it feels unjust not to have flounce. Maybe a halter top with ties that hang like a scarf…a bit like Anna Sui’s Vogue V2968?

Then again there are these beauties from old US Vogue clippings…drool…

Decisions decisions decisions!

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