A room full of fabrics & nothing for a black coat

Gingham Dress Inspiration

Gingham Dress Inspiration

So, disaster struck.

I was about to go out in a recent creation – take 3 of a black & white gingham dress, inspired by this old clipping…I think it was NY Times Sunday Magazine. The proportion is better third time around with slightly lowered waist. But the fit is still rather dodgy – fitting is not my strong suit. Neckline gaps rather scandalously. But I digress… }:-)

Gingham Dress Take 3

Gingham Dress Take 3

So going out…I had no coat to match. I have only 4 of different weight – lack of closet space discourages hoarding of  coats (though not of fabrics & clippings apparently!) And they’re brown and brown and green + brown and one coffee stained beige trench. Shock horror. No black coat. Who’s ever heard of that. I really needed one in black.

That’s when disaster really struck. You would think with a hoard of 191 fabrics there would be something suitable. But no. Nada!

So, dilemma: do I shop for yet another piece of fabric?

(As it turned out, I didn’t really need a coat after all. It was boiling hot. File this under crazy London weather.)

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