T-shirt Block. Again. (aka Burda 2012-09-123 part 1)

So while Saffy’s at the sewing machine hospital, I decided to tackle fitting for my upcoming projects…By way of a detour of course! I needed to get to grip with Burda sizing. So I’m using Burda 2012-09-123 as a basic T-shirt block.    The plan was originally to use the muted gold lycra from Tissu […]

Searching for The One, The Perfect T-Shirt One

It’s still gray and dreary in London. So no picture update on La Chemise. In the meanwhile I’ve started plotting the next assignation. I thought it’s about time I have a reliable block for a well-fitted T-Shirt. Shouldn’t be difficult right? Burda Style June 2011 had a T-Shirt that looked just  about right. A deeper […]

A bunch of Ts

Not much interesting sewing happening here lately. I still feel exhausted & low from last two years’ craziness. To keep Meaning-Of-Life questions at bay, I tried to keep myself distracted by replacing boring basics in the wardrobe & made a bunch of easy-ish T-shirts that refine my stretch blocks. Dartless 0-ease Knit Block designs: Dartless […]