Sloper delimma

So, cape done & step 1 of the Draft Along pretty much settled. Next up: sorting out that damn sloper. (Pardon my French!)

May I present evidence F & B:

F as in Front    &    B as in Back


So what do you do with pattern adjustment for a lopsided body?

I’ve read somewhere that it may be better to keep the garment symmetrical and pad it out inside where your lumps are a bit anemic. Otherwise you might end up emphasizing your lopsidedness. That’s all very well if it’s sleeved and all you need is a shoulder pad. But my design has no sleeves for the pad to hide in.

On the other hand, if I tailor it for each side of my body, the embroidered pattern may give away the lopsidedness as well.

So what to do? Anyone got any tips?

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